Saturday 27 November 2021

Life Here Last Week

I woke at bloody well 4am again, I did not want to get up but I had too. While going to the loo I started to sweat by the time I was done I was drenched in sweat and not going back to bed. It took 30 minutes for my body to dry that's with both doors open and my siting pretty much under the fan.

Kathy dropped the girls off while her & Michael went shopping.

Tim thought because of the weather we should go shopping next weekend.


Last night I had Tim wake me before coming to bed so I could pee.

So this morning I slept till 4.55am much better then waking at 3 something.

A cold wet morning.

Kelli and Freya turned up at 7 something and whiles she was here she vacuumed and cleaned Leo's room, I appreciate that so much.

This afternoon I had a bath before bed, the first bath I have had since 2019, it felt great. Not something I will do often as it was difficult getting out.


Slept in till 5.15, that's good, cold and wet this morning and yeah I have been sweating.

A restless morning, unable to concentrate for more then a few minutes at a time.

Did bugga all today.


Another bloody early start woke at 3.30 needing to pee managed to go back to sleep kinda to 4.30 when I got up. I had my wash and moisturised my body when Tim got up for what I don't know but I was able to ask him to help me dress. Not having to struggle to dress myself is a big help.

Tim had a Dr appointment nothing serious and all good. He decided to contact the chemist about his Covid jab as it was only showing his first jab online meaning he couldn't prove he was double vaxed. It is now sorted out so all good.

Raining on and off all day, cool but not cold today.


Another good nights sleep, woke at 4am up at 4.30, washed, moisturised then rang Tasha.

At 10am sitting here I noticed that Kelli's dog was attempting to get over the fence. Tim yelled to Tasha just as the dog got over the fence and she was able to catch the dog and return her to the yard. She also discovered how the dog managed to get over the fence. Tasha also rang Kelli who came straight home to sort it out.

Jess not working today, don't know why she isn't saying all we do know is Jono drove her somewhere this morning and that she has been gone all day. Tim asked be a few times where she went but like him I do not know. She will tell us when she is ready.


Slept well woke at 5am, Tim remembered to wake me last night in order to pee.

I have bugga all motivation today but managed to do the grocery shopping.

Kelli came over this afternoon and decorated my letters with Christmas stamps, this I really appreciated. She also folded the laundry for me.


Woke at 4.30 but laid there till 4.55am. Woke to the sound of rain, looks like being a wet day.

Tim took car too auto electrician to have some kind of light fitted, Jono followed him to the electrician and drove him home again.

He also has a specialist appointment at the John Hunter Hospital, he borrowed Jess's car to go over to that as it is still raining.

Kelli came down to help me with decorating envelopes and then gave me a terrific body message.

Kelli also helped Tim set up the new security camera.

Jess got half her arm tattooed black, with bits to still fill in, Tim is not impressed. She wants to cover what was there. Not something I would do but it is her body.



  1. I too try not to drink too much water before going to bed so that my sleep won't be interrupt by full bladder. These days, we take showers, mostly twice in a day.

  2. What is she trying to cover with the tattoo?

  3. I always have to get up to pee, too. Sometimes I can get back to sleep and sometimes I can't.

  4. Nancy..........My brother always has a couple of showers a day

    Sandi.........Another faded not so good tattoo

    Rita........I get that

  5. And that is reason #3 why I wouldn't begin to get a tattoo. "Not my idea of art" would be 1, and "Pain? no thanks" is 2. But like you said, her body.

  6. Chris.........I have three small tattoos, no way I would gete a sleeve done


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