Sunday 7 November 2021



Awake at 5am up ten minutes later, Kathy & Summer here by 6am.

After my shower Kathy noticed her brake lights were on, she checked the car and yeah her battery was flat, Tim had to jump start her car so she could go home.

I needed a nap around midday as I was feeling drained.


Sunday and I was awake at 4am needing to pee managed to dose off again till 4.40 when I got up.

A warm day, no rain so good

Saw Kelli and Freya and later Blain, when she brought Blain home.

Dave's birthday he is 43 today, sent him a birthday message at 6am.


Woke at 4.30 after sleeping straight through the night got up had a wash and rang Tasha but she declined the call so I thought she was on her way.

However, when she hadn't turned up after 10 minutes I rang her back turns out she was still asleep. When the phone rang she thought it was her alarm.

First day of cutting back Leo's morning meds from 5 days a week to 3 days being Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will see how that goes.


Slept well till midnight when Tim came to bed which disturbed me enough that the next 2hrs I was restless.

When I woke at 4.10 I thought give me another half hour and I will get up, I got up 15 minutes later.

Tim has ordered me a knee brace to see if it helps, should arrive in fortnight.


Slept well, woke at 4.45am and straight up of course.

A hot day, hot enough for me to be drenched in sweat but not hot enough for the A/C.

Saw Kelli and Jess they came over to look at something and stayed half an hour.

Looks like Kelli and the kids will be staying with Jess from next week as they still haven't found a new house. Jono will go to his mothers.


Had a shit start to the day, had to get Tim to help me get out of bed. Things didn't improve.

Kathy came and drove me to the doctors, so we could chat about my mental heath. He is changing my anti-depression medication. I have to go back in a fortnight. Kathy didn't like him much, she wants to find me a different doctor.


Had a restless night, Tim came to bed in a mood. It takes me ages to change positions in bed now days, so when he came I had just managed to get comfortable and he wanted me to roll over and I said no that I had just got comfortable, this pissed him off.

Having a restless day and zero motivation.


Saturday and up at the usual time after a somewhat bad night. Had Kathy ring to tell me she can't come this morning as she left her keys in Michael's car and he was at work. She will come over this afternoon.

Tim is going to cut my hair this afternoon do that will work nicely with Kathy coming to shower me.



  1. I am so sorry that even these little things we take for granted like turning over are so hard. I hope your family would take a step back and see how it looks objectively and not just with a "same old thing" attitude.

  2. Debby........Me too

    Chris.......Thank you


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