Monday 1 November 2021


Good morning world, here we are at the start of November and being Monday means facts day.

Nine is considered the luckiest number worldwide

Between 1931 1nd 1969 Walt Disney collected 35 Oscars

The worlds longest game of Monopoly lasted more than 600 hours

Most car horns are in the key of F

A hollowed out pumpkin with a candle inside known as a Jack-O-Lantern is placed in a window or doorway in order to scare off witches and guard against evil spirits. It is believed to have been started by the Ancient Celtic people in the olden days, back then they used real heads chopped of the bodies of their enemies.



  1. That's interesting about the Celts back in the day - all the facts are good and I didn't know any of them Jo-Anne.

  2. All are new to me. I love to watch Walt Disney's shows especially the cartoons. Used to play monopoly when I was still schooling. Oh no! human heads as lanterns?

  3. Gaahhh, real heads! Of course I realize that ancient cultures of all kinds, and many not so ancient either, have done that sort of thing, but it seems horrifying to me. Shudder.

    I remember eagerly waiting for Sunday evening TV and the "Wonderful World of Disney." We had a little black and white 14-inch TV with spotty reception way out in the boonies of the province of Quebec. So long ago, but the decades have passed so quickly!

    Thanks for the facts, Jo-Anne; take care.

  4. Love the facts! Look forward to them each week.

  5. I would say that the Monopoly players might have considered 9 (hours) lucky, but maybe not Walt Disney and his awards...

  6. Margaret........Pleased you liked them

    Nancy.......I also like disney and yeah gross

    Kea.........Same here o n both accounts

    Katie....I am pleased



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