Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Well hello Tuesday you are cold and dry for me being Tuesday it's plant day and today's plant is the Kudzu a fast growing weed. Back in 1876 China & Japan introduced it to American gardeners they saw a leafy vine which climbed easily over porches providing lots of lovely shade. It was also useful to farmers because it was good at holding the soil in place and made great food for farm animals.

However, they had no idea how much would love growing in the southern states, in the Asian mountains the Kudzu would die during the winter months but in America it just grows and grows out of control. In just one summer it can grow in size to cover a house it also grows over other trees and buildings blocking out the sun and killing other plants.

Plants can reproduce in a few ways such as making seeds, spreading their roots sideways underground or by spreading out above ground using special stems called runners. Just to make itself extra indestructible the kudzu uses all three.


  1. Wow, that is some plant, but not one I would want in my garden as I have enough trouble with ivy.

  2. I live in the south and let me tell you every word you say is true! It can grow about 12 inches a day. It can kill whole forests. Good ground cover tho.

  3. Yes, that stuff is crazy wild down south over here! :(

  4. Hi Jo-Anne ... introduced species are a real world-wide problem ... they were brought over by the explorers or settlers - not realising the trouble they can cause. Kudzu - I hadn't heard of it ... but has at home a number of advantages. Take care - Hilary

  5. We detest and despise that noxious weed. It is a killer of everything.

  6. After reading about this Kudzu plant, I wouldn't want it in my garden.

  7. That is definitely a weed of grand proportion.

  8. We have plenty of kudzu. I'm always spraying it and pulling it off of my fence.


  9. Yep, have heard about that stuff...

  10. Rosie........I agree with that

    Sandie......Good to know my facts are spot on

    Rita......That it is

    Hilary......That they are

    Katie......I get why

    Nancy........Same here

    Margaret D.......That it is

    Janie.......Sounds like abig pain

    Chris....Nice to know


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