Monday 22 June 2020

Did you know fact

Here we are at another Monday,dry and sunny Monday that is as bloody cold but no heater on here I don't need one.
This week's facts are as follows

In March 1983, West German police arrested an Austrian tramp for cooking his onion soup over the eternal flame at Berlin's war memorial.

In ancient China towns were often arranged in patterns so that if seen from air they would resemble an animal or a symbolic design. Some were designed to look like snakes,stars or dragons.

All the water on earth has remained the same overtime how the hell do they know that

Table tennis was first played with balls made of champagne corks and bats made of cigar-box lids

The worlds biggest forest is in Siberia, it is over 17 million square kilometres


  1. As always, it was an educational visit.

  2. How interesting are those facts.

  3. And I'll bet all of that champagne had been consumed when they came up with the game...

  4. I agree - All the water on earth has remained the same overtime how the hell do they know that?

  5. My ex-husband wanted to have his ashes put into the ocean when he died. We did so, half here were the boys have memories of him, and the other half in Florida where he had made his second home. His theory was that all water was connected, so no matter where the boys went, they could go to any body of water in the world and talk to him if they needed to.

    While it may be comforting to know for them that all water continues on forever, the thought that he figured out how to *live* eternally kind of freaks me out. :)

  6. I'm confused by the water fact. I keep reading about water levels getting higher because of global warming. I think it's because of icebergs melting. Okay, Favorite Young Man just said that ice is still counted as water so that speaks to my confusion, but I have no idea how they know how much water there is.


  7. Rick.......It was

    Margaret D......They are

    Chris,.......Yeah I expect so


    Juli......Now that is interesting

    Janie.....Same here

  8. The water's a puzzle.

  9. Must have been some onion soup!


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