Sunday 28 June 2020

My week, interesting? No but still my life, for what it is

I woke when Tim got up but laid in bed till 7.15.
Kathy arrived at 8.45to give me a shower, before driving Tasha down to Coles while gone Tasha had a mini breakdown snapping at Kathy.
After Kathy left Tasha came down and broke down crying everything is getting to her. She needs a fridge,washing machine, new bed and now her car is cactus. Of course she has no money
I woke up at 5 something and got up at 5.30am,a bloody cold day at that. Jess dropped Leo off at 7.40am and he left for school at 8.10 as per usual
This afternoon I had no idea what time Leo got out I went up at 2.20 in case he was out at 1.50 but he wasn't so I thought he might get out at 2.20 but no at 3pmi came home for a while went back at .3.35. he use to get him by 3.40 but last week and yesterday it was 3.45 before he arrived.
It was bloody cold waiting for Leo , Jess wanted him to stay tonight instead of tomorrow night but he didn't want to do so.
I have felt stuffed up in the head all day, sitting outside in the cold didn't help.
Jess arrived at 7.40 this morning with Leo she hung out with Tash for a while and was able to wait with Leo this morning. She even went and bought Macca's for her and Tash. I didn't want anything.
I reset my afternoon alarm to 3.40 to go meet Leo , today he arrived at 3.43pm so not much of a wait.
After a couple of days having trouble getting my audiobook to play I think it is now right I had to delete and reinstall a program/app.
I woke around 5.45 am could hear Leo in his room so I called him and he came in and put the heater on so the chill could be taken off the room.
Another bloody cold day here.
Man came and checked the smoke alarms he sprayed the smoke alarms with surface spray, since then it has been beeping. Ihope it stops soon. .
This afternoon I was late getting Leo again he was walking down when I was going up.

I woke at 4.30 but didn't want to get up to visit the loo, instead I stayed in bed till 6am dozing on and off till 6am.
I thought I had a Dr's appointment today but realised it is tomorrow and now Tasha says she can't take me,she wants tome change the appointment but I don't think I will be able to do that.
Tim has arranged to take tomorrow off so he can take me to my appointment.
Had problems with the internet for a few hours today very frustrating.
Tim home at 2pm
Leo here tonight
I woke at 4.30am but didn't get up till the alarm went off,Leo was already awake and Tim got up about 45 minutes after me.

Tasha came down and helped me get dress and get my shoulder brace one and get my breakfast stuff ready.
I went to the appointment about my bladder and had the test down to see how I hold urine uncomfortable but not too bad. I will get the results when I go back to the hospital.

Tim bought two more fan heaters one for the bathroom and a spare.

He also went to the post office and the woman who served him stuffed up, he asked for 10 local stamps and 2 overseas stamps,she gave him 10 overseas stamps and he too three and attached to the local letters before he realised the mistake. I had to open those letters and I am able to reuse them for the overseas letters I have here to answer.

I am feeling very tired and frustrated this afternoon.

I woke at 4ambut managed to go back to sleep after a trip to the loo but woke again at 6am and laid there for a bit till I heard Tasha, in the laundry so I got up at 6ish.

Tasha helped me get dressed and got my breakfast stuff ready
Kathy came over at 9am and gave me a shower and shaved my legs for me.

Been a long ass day, Jess had work but Leo didn't want to come here or at Kelli's so he stayed home on his own.


  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Wish we could send some of our heat over for you to share!
    Sounds like it's getting hard getting up in the cold of mornings and hopefully the heater fans are helping you feel more comfortable.
    Life is not a picknick often is being said and it is so true for a lot of people as they age.
    One never knows what comes around the bend.
    Hope all will be well with your results from the hospital.

  2. The weather is getting warmer here but we do have rain on and off. There are mornings which I don't feel like getting up and wished to laze in bed too. I do have days when my mood is low. Thank God for Kathy, Tasha, Tim and others who are available to help make your life more comfortable. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Maybe "not interesting", but it doesn't stop us from reading! I think the 'humdrum of life' is always interesting.

  4. Mariette........yeah getting up when it''s cold can be difficult

    Nancy......,.Imay feellike stayingin bed but I don't

    Chris......I ampleased people read what I write


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