Tuesday 9 June 2020

Plant Day

Hello Tuesday you are wet/raining and I guess cold although I am not cold but I properly should be as it is only around 16 degrees.

Well it is plant day and today's plant is the Welwitschia heard of it? Nope me neither.

It could be the ugliest plant in the world, they are unique now but around 2 million years ago they were pretty common. Dinosaurs used to wander around in a world filled with such plants.

As it grows its leathery leaves get longer and longer as it can live for up to 2000 years so they can have bloody long leaves. It actually only has two leaves which get split into shreds by the wind over time.
You can find them in the bone-dry Namib Desert in Africa, where the only water comes from fog coming from the sea, its long leaves are able to catch droplets of fog from of the air and sock it up. If some droplets land on the ground they feed the plants roots.


  1. My never heard of that plants, thanks for sharing.
    We are having cold snap with 3 frost in the morning in a row, minus 2 deg warming to 12 today, it's a beautiful day and the sun is warm.

  2. A very interesting and unusual plant but I don't think I would like it in my garden!

  3. Margaret D......Cold starts and warm days are common

    Rosie.....I agree

    Chris....It is

  4. I too have never heard of this plant. Its not pretty and looks like a monster plant. Stay well and stay safe.

  5. Hi Jo-Anne ... the plant is an extraordinary one and only found in the Namib Desert - where I saw them ... the ecosystems of the Namib are really special. Glad you're letting others know about this special plant - take care - Hilary


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