Wednesday, 24 June 2020


We know we are not considered a burden by our families but sadly we often do, it is the sigh in your voice or see the roll of your eyes or just a look may come over your face. These things tell us you really don't want to do something we have asked. So we feel we are asking too much and putting you out. Our feelings are real we can help feeling the way we are at that time

This is directed towards my daughters, my husband and my siblings not because they do or say anything intentional to upset either myself or my mum but unfortunately this is how we often feel.

I like my mum have terrific kids who do a lot for us but still at times we feel like we are asking too much.

In my head mum's problems are understandable as she is 80yrs old now. However, I am only 57 and in worse state then mum,well that's how I feel at times. I am unable to do so much like even shower myself.

Life is hard but we still keep on trying and getting up each morning trying to dress myself and face the day and I do this day after day.


  1. I really do get this. I am sorry. Hugs.

  2. Oh Jo-Anne, I am sorry and I know how you feel. I know how it is when you feel that you are a burden to your love ones. It is not your choice that you are struggling with health issues. At our age, we can be very sensitive to the tone and body language of those around us and we can get upset easily. Instead of focusing on these minor things, let us look on the positive and thank God for your love ones who are there for you. Bless them, thank them and show you appreciate their effort because they too may be struggling with their own issues. Take care and stay safe.

  3. I can understand. Not easy. All you can do is get up each morning to greet the day the best way you can and thank everyone who helps you through that day. *hugs*

  4. Getting old is not fun at times Jo-Anne, some people get things wrong with them, others don't until they are much older.
    If you need help to have a shower, how come the 'services' are not coming to your house to shower you, dress you and so on?
    These services often rely on family to do it, and will try and get out of doing it because they think family will do it.
    It's difficult situation for you to be in, relying on your family to help and they don't necessarily understand either and won't until they themselves get 'old' and have to rely on others to help.
    Take care..

  5. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Well, in many ways you are lucky for having your family all around you!
    As far as family goes, it is just Pieter and me, all others are across the oceans. Too far away and not within 'easy' reach for either of us.
    Life, when winding down is never easy and knowing that we're not facing this alone is a consoling thought.

  6. Jo-Anne, I can relate to your struggle as my wife is in the same boat due to Parkinson's. It is certainly not easy!

  7. I do understand the struggles of it all. My mom would tell me pray harder so I do. She's gone now but I will always remember her words. I appreciate your share. Not everyone wants to bring these subjects up. It is certainly part of our lives these days. Thank you for your words. HUGS across the miles.

  8. Just remember though, impatience is of a moment, love is in the core.

  9. I know what you mean. I am a burden.


  10. Sandie......Thanks

    Nancy......I do try to focus onthe positive, but it is hard at times

    Rita......That's so true

    Margaret D......I can't get help from"services" because Tim earns too much

    Maritte........Yes I am lucky

    Ian......Life is a struggle

    Anne.........Many do understand and I am thankful forthat

    Chris...........I do try to remember

    Janie......You too my friend, maany ffeel the same


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