Sunday 14 June 2020

Another week of my life

I woke at 7ish but again I laid in bed till 7.30 when I got up and dressed except for my socks, which Tasha did an hour later.
Was able to make myself boiled eggs for breakfast. I have a reasonable amount of movement in the arm. Just have to remember not to over do it.
Been an nice day not too cold for me and my pain has been manageable all day.
I managed to iron Tim's work shirts, girls didn't change the sheets no surprise there.
Spoke to mum she was telling me about her sister and when she left home and about she patched things up when she first got sick. However, her tea arrived and we cut it short.

Awake with the alarm, got up and dressed in the bathroom with the heater on. Public holiday today, so no school today.
Kathy and Summer came over so Kathy could change the sheets on my bed.
Tasha made me pasta for tea, it was so so.
Been a good weather wise a bit of rain but not much.

I had a shocking night last night, mostly caused by pain in my right arm. I suspect iti s because yesterday I didn't wear the arm brace.
I have it on today and will not go without it again for a while.
Tim home early at 1.45 so he was able to meet Leo instead of me.
The doctor rang at 3pm he said the tests showed I have bursitis in the shoulder that is what I expected.
Leo came home from school in a mood, we just let him go to his room he will explain when and if he feels like it. Although Tim sent Jess a message about his mood so she could ring him, as he is here tonight.

Had a better night last night been awake since 5.30 but stayed in bed till the alarm went off.
Tasha had to take Leo to meet his driver because of the rain.
Another cold and wet day, hasn't stopped raining all day.
Tim home early again, asked him to go get Leo and had to explain he cannot take the scooter because it's raining and not suppose to use scooter in rain. He didn't agree and I ended up saying your money if it gets fucked up because of the rain. He walked up to get Leo.
Still in pain by the end of the day my arm is really sore and I am glad to remove the brace and lay down and listen to my book.

I woke when Tim left for work and wasn't able to settle again so got up at 5.30. Tasha came down and put my shoulder brace on for me.
A foggy morning but at least it's not raining.
Tim doing a split shift so home at 9.45 to around 1pm.
A not cold and dry day.

Both Tim and I got up with my alarm, Tim was able to assist me get dressed and put my arm brace on for me. Just after he left for work Tasha came down to do the arm brace.
Tasha took me down to have the injection into my shoulder I had to wait for ages in the room in a disposable gown.
Tasha picked up shopping from Woolies but it wasn't my order, she rang and complained and someone came and brought my shopping and picked up the wrong order.
Blain sent home sick from school he has an inflamed throat, so not going to his dad's this weekend .


  1. It must have been tough for you having to bear the pain on and off. Hope wearing the arm brace and injection help and thank God for Tim and family members helping out. Take care and stay safe.

  2. We've been making the PPE disposable gowns at my work, with temp workers- but this past week, they cancelled millions in orders and shut it down...

  3. Nancy........The arm brace is great, I am lucky to have a good family

    Chris....,..Suddenly they don't need them as much or it would seem


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