Sunday 7 June 2020

A painful week

Had a pretty good nights sleep pain wise when I woke up I didn't want to get up as that meant the pain would return and it did. I woke at around 7am but laid there till 7.20 when I got up.
At 10ish Tim left for work, he will be home around 8pm.
Didn't speak to mum just not feeling up to it, as she hadn't rang by 3.30 and I was feeling done in by then.
I woke with the alarm as usual just after I opened the front door Jess & Leo arrived. She was annoyed that just as they where leaving home she gets a call telling her the child she had to leave early for was being taken by their parents, if they had rung earlier she could have stayed in bed an extra hour.
I had to have a pelvic ultrasound one you need a full bladder for.
Well as it turned out I had to have an internal scan as my bladder leaked. After the scan while trying to get dressed I ended up in tears sobbing because the pain in my right arm was so bad I was unable to use it, so dressing was difficult and painful.
Didn't talk to mum as I was in pain and unable to concentrate.

Up with the alarm as per usual, I decided to have a shower while I was deciding to do that I realised I didn't have a hope in hell of doing so on my own.
So I sent Tash a text and as I sent I she was there standing outside the bathroom door. So she stayed and helped me shower.
After Leo left for school Tasha took me over to the doctors about my arm. Tomorrow I have to have an Xray and ultrasound on the arm.
A bit of rain today so Tim took the car.
The arm braze Tim ordered for me on Monday arrived and he put it on me, yes it seems to be helping.
Leo here tonight.
Awake before the alarm at 5.30am, I got up and dressed in the bathroom with the heater on.
Leo got up at 7am and put my socks on for me.
I went with Tasha to have an Xray & ultrasound done of my right arm, still in a lot of pain.
I can only use my left arm.
A very cold day top of 15 degrees

Up when my alarm went off, got dressed in the bathroom again.
My pain has reduced some I am not getting as many stabbing pains in the arm. I think the arm braze is helping
A cold day but not as cold as yesterday. Leo is concerned about my health and doesn't want me out in the cold and wind.
I wore my pink dressing gown with the hoodie when I took Leo to meet his drive.
Tasha bought Macca's for tea and got both myself and Leo a burger each.

Up with the alarm again, another cold day and Tim is off today.
It is much warmer today and my arm is much better thankfully. Tasha & Jess went shopping and bought a new heater for Jess. I chipped in $21.
I did the shopping yesterday and it was picked up by Tim & Tasha.
Tim helping me get ready for bed tonight so Jess can go home and eat instead of hanging around here.
I was hoping to have a late night but not going to happen.

I had a lay in this morning, I got up at 8.30 but I had been awake for a while like an hour or so.
Tasha was here and helped me get dressed but she was in a mood and made me cry but gave me a hug and said sorry.
It is Jessica's birthday and I feel like I have failed her, as because I wasn't able to go out and get her a present and because of my bung arm I am not able to do a lunch for her. I know that she will understand but it is how I feel.
Kathy gave me a shower while she was here it felt good and she did as good a job as Tasha does.
Had Macca's for lunch, Tim had Chinese.
The pain in my arm isn't as bad but I still have limited use of it.
Tasha, Jess & Leo have gone to the Black Lives Matter protest in town, they said if it is too crowded they will be staying in the car because of social distancing and the fact they all hate crowds.


  1. Take care of yourself Jo-Anne.

  2. I bet you are done with the pain! I would be, too. It gets frustrating because God often heals the attitude but leaves the situation in place. I pray he changes your situation for the better.

  3. I am sorry for the pain you are going through right now and I hope and pray for healing!

  4. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    So sorry for you bouts of intense pain, never easy to deal with and to concentrate on all other things.
    Hope they find a remedy for you soon.
    I myself will be looking forward to have a lay in... haha, got up at 4:30 AM and started typing on my manuscript as I'd loved to have completed chapter 10 today. Did not work out but then tomorrow after a specialist visit first and finally getting my teeth cleaned after a delay of over 3 months. What a crazy times we live, upside down world.
    Hope by Wednesday to have my manuscript mostly done. So looking forward to the finish product. Proofreadings and some front pages need to be done too. One day... so I just was stealing a moment. Hitting the mattress after this long day.

  5. Rick......I am trying too

    Chris......Done but not dusted as I don't dust with pain, I have sked God to show me how to deal with the pain and for strngth to face each day

    Sandie......Thank you so much

    Mariette......Thank youo so much lifef is full and busy but that's ok


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