Thursday 11 June 2020

Thursdasy's Words

Take what God gives, O heart of mine
and build your house of happiness.
Perchance some have been given more;
But many have been given less.
The treasure lying at your feet,
Whose value you but faintly guess,
another builder looking on,
Would barter heaven to possess

BY: B Y Williams


  1. We do have to be grateful for what we have.

  2. A lovely poem and very appropriate at the moment.

  3. So true, Jo-Anne. We are to be grateful for what we have, for God knows what we need. Have a good day.

  4. We have no choice to take what we've given.
    Nice words.

  5. I'll say that I am grateful every day and night for what I have..however little or large it may be. Even things seemingly insignificant, aren't and I am grateful for those too.

  6. Sandie.......I agree

    Rosie.......It is

    Nancy.......Thank you

    Diane b........Thanks

    Margaret d........So true

    Karen......I feel the same way

  7. Appreciation, sometimes we're so good at it and other times we need to be reminded.

  8. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Love that poem and we both often have used the comparison, we might not have much or not a big home or whatever, but it is for sure a lot more than most people on this planet!
    Gratitude is a great virtue.
    Now, up to fighting the final Proofs of all our 12 finished and uploaded chapters. Had to get the more professional Adobe Pdf for being able to edit. We're often forced to learn something at 'old'er... age! Keeps the brain focused and it might be just great for the times we're forced to live in at present.
    So many crazy people that don't know anything decent to do with their time, often living off others.


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