Sunday 2 February 2020

Diary Week 5

Had another late start as I slept in till 7.30ish I got up and dressed and did my daily weigh in. turned the air con on at 8am.
Tim's birthday.
Blain home by 8.30am.
Kathy and Summer came over to see if Tasha can help with doing something to Summers hair.
Yesterday afternoon Leo went for a bike ride and decided to ride up and see his great-nana (my mum).
I am so proud of this boy he has so much compassion and empathy.
When I spoke to mum she told me about Leo's visit was really happy to see him.

Up at 6.30 after another restless night to find Tim up and in his office at his computer he also had a restless night and had been up an hour. He has now gone to work.
It is cooler this morning but I am sitting in sweat. Turned the air con on at 1pm.
Blain came down a couple of times to check on me.
Jessica said that Leo rode his bike to his friend Kaja's place she said he is becoming very independent.

Slept in till 7.30am still have pain in my hip and tailbone.
Tim has an appointment at the hospital about his nose.
Tim is off for the rest of the week.
He got another script for the stuff to wash out his nose maybe this time he will use it.
Tim has ordered new ink for our computers.

Up at 6.30am when the alarm went off I was in getting dressed Jess & Leo turned up.
Tim and I waited with Leo till the driver turned up, Tasha was rude to him it was her tone but she thinks she did nothing wrong.
Tim went to Jess's with trailer and took a load of stuff she didn't want to the tip. When he got to the tip he wasn't allowed in because he was wearing thongs she had to come home and change them.
After the tip he took the cans and cashed them in he got $170 spilt between him and Leo.
Kathy has jury duty, she was at the court all day and has to go back next Tuesday
Leo had a good first day when he got home he made himself 2 ham & cheese toasties.

Up at 6.15am before the alarm went off opened the house up and got dressed. Got a text from Sandra saying not going to the club for lunch no one has any money. Both Tim and myself are disappointed.
Mum's birthday she is 80 today we went to cemetery before going back to Mum's for lunch, hot chips.
Leo is here for the night, it has been stinking bloody hot all day.

Awake at 5am but laid in bed till 6.30am, I got up when my alarm went off.
No make-up today just eye shadow, lippy and jewellery.
Tasha had to help have a smoke as I was in a bad way, I then had a lay down till mum rang.
Really stinking hot today, and when I got home from shopping Tim didn't have the air con on.

Awake at 6am but didn't get up till 7am.
Last night at 10.30 I thought I heard Jess crying in the lounge room so I jumped up came out to see what was the matter only to find Tim alone watching telly .and he said no one was crying in what he was watching.
Had a stressful morning, nothing I did was easy and it all felt too hard and not having any rollies to smoke didn't help.
Tim took his compute over to Kathy's for Michael to put in a hard drive for him.
He also took Sydney's birthday present, which she loved.


  1. Boy you don't sleep that late. And I guess you do not use your air conditioner all the time - here in GA we need a/cond all summer 24/7!

  2. I wouldn't sleep well without AC when it is so hot, either!
    Happy birthday to your mom! :)

  3. Leo seems like he is growing up fast, and nice to see him thinking of his grandma too.
    I don't put the a/c on all night, just on the "sleep" mode for an hour so we can get to sleep and it seems to help. Hope you get some better sleep when it is cooler.

  4. "Maybe this time he will use it..." You can lead a horse to water...

  5. Leo is getting to be so grownup.


  6. Installing central air was the best thing we ever did here. We don't use it a lot, but when we do it's the only thing that gets me through the heat waves.

    And I don't have to worry the husband will throw his back out putting them in the windows every summer.

    And Leo sounds like he is growing up quickly. :)

  7. Sandie......It runs all day and half the night when its hot enough , we have three window units

    Rita.....It makes sleep easier

    Rosie.....If my bedroom a/c had a sleep mode I would use it

    Chris.....So true

    Janie.....That he has

    Juli....My grandparents had central air con and it was great, we rent so can't have it, we do have 3 window units one in the kitchen a big 3.9watt and 2 much small units in the main medroom and in the room Tim uses as a office/den

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