Sunday 23 February 2020

My Diary Week 8

Up and dressed by 6.45, Tim up at the same time and off to work..
Kathy & Michael came and borrowed the trailer, and Kathy brought it back on her own.
Jess picked Leo up at midday she was in a mood as Tasha wasn't able to pick her up at Lakelands. Kathy was here getting the trailer so I asked her if she would do it and she snapped that she had too much to do.
Tasha helped me with the washing..
Been another warm day

Up and dressed for aqua, when I went up to wait for Brian it started raining thankfully it was only light until I got back inside.
By the time it was time to leave for aqua it was pissing down rain and I was sneezing and coughing, so didn't go.
Been raining a lot, spoke to Tasha about her getting Leo this afternoon and she said not to stress she will deal with him
Leo was dropped at the door as no one was there to meet him.
Up and dressed before the alarm again, took Leo to meet his driver. I then had to go to the Dr's got scripts and form for blood tests, also form for injection into my knee.
Been a hot day had to have the air con on, I went up and waited for Leo this afternoon.
Leo here tonight,

Up and dressed as soon as my alarm went off, found Leo asleep on the loungeroom floor. I tried to remain quiet till he woke up which he did at 7.15am.
Another hot day.
Leo was late arriving this afternoon it was 3.55 when he arrived. Jess arrived at 4.30 got Leo and left.

Up and dressed before the alarm again this morning. Printed up 2 name and address info and laminated them, I gave 1 to Leo's driver.
Running late getting to up the to of the driveway.
Had to reschedule appointment for knee injection as Tasha couldn't take me.
I now go on Tuesday at 1pm.
Had a hypo attack this afternoon.

Up at 6.15 got my bra and shorts on before doing anything else.
Summer's seventh birthday.
I had a horrible morning at Charlie, I ran over Jess's feet while on the scooter. Her feet are sore and one is bruised. I feel so bad but there is bugger all I can do.
Jess finished early and was able to meet Leo when he is dropped off. She hung around and helped me get ready for bed.

Up at 7.45 and dressed, Tim took me to have blood tests done.
Wrapped Summer's birthday gift
Summer seemed to like her present.
I turned the air con on around midday had it on till 4.30pm


  1. Well that seemed a better week.. except for Jess's feet.

  2. We rarely set an alarm unless we have to get on the road early.
    Working part time, our schedules are flexible.
    You seem to stay busy.

  3. Chris.....Yes, I agree, her feet are ok

    Rick...,...I do a fair bit each week

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