Monday, 3 February 2020

Did you know facts

Good afternoon everyone here we are at Monday afternoon writing a did you know facts.

Tourism is the world's biggest industry

The first movie to use sound was “The Jazz Singer” released in 1927.

The first words spoken were “wait a minute you ain't heard nothing yet” by Al Jolson

The Bank of Vernal, in Vernal Utah, is the only bank to be built from bricks sent through the post. In 1919 the builders realised it was cheaper to send brick through the U S Postal Service 7 bricks to a parcel than to have them shipped commercially from Salt Lake City.

On the 14th September 1987 the New York Times had 1,612 pages and weighed twelve pounds or 5.4 kilos.


Rita said...

Seven bricks at a time!
Over a thousand page newspaper!
These were some amazing facts. :)

Margaret D said...

Good facts Jo-Anne.

Kea said...

I wouldn't have thought tourism was the world's biggest business. LOL.

Have a great week!

Rick Watson said...

These are fun facts. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a NYT with that many

Marg said...

Intereting facts. Thanks for those. Have a good day.

CWMartin said...

Good grief, shipping back then must have been ridiculous there! Two guys and a flatbed coulda made a killing...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rita.......I know amazing indeed

Margaret.....Thank you

Kea.....I know what a

Rick.....I know hard to imagine, I am pleased you liked the post

Marg.....You're welecome

Chris.....Yeah they would have

Janie Junebug said...

I knew about The Jazz Singer, but everything else surprised me. Shipping bricks!


Nancy Chan said...

Facts I do not know of. Interesting.

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