Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Cuvier's Beaked Whale

Some of you may have noticed that there was no post yesterday this is because I had trouble with my internet dropping out.

Anyway here is this weeks creature the Cuvier's Beaked Whale which is smaller then last week's Sperm Whale at only 7 m or 23ft in length, it however holds the record for underwater endurance being able to stay underwater longer then any other air breathing animal.

Scientists studying these whales in 2014 recorded them reaching a depth of 2992m or 9816ft which is almost 10 Eiffel towers on the top of each other, for up to 2hrsd 18minutes, remember whales need to breathe air so that is a bloody long time to hold one's breath.

Also at such depths thee water pressures is enough to crumble a monster truck.

Now they stay underwater so long in order to feed on their deep water favourites such as glass squids and octopus.

They live for anywhere between 25 to 50 years they reach sexual maturity around 12 to 17 years of age.


Katie Isabella said...

They're like humans as they mature. Man, that is one heck of a long time under water. Their lungs must be HUGE!

Chatty Crone said...

2hrs 18minutes - they can hold their breathe that long - that is incredible!

Margaret D said...

How interesting Jo-Anne, great to read.

Nancy Chan said...

Interesting facts about this whale.

Kea said...

They're amazing! It's too bad humans tend to put themselves at the top of the food chain, there are so many amazing species on this planet!

CWMartin said...

Got to say I didn't know this one. Wish I still had my animal encyclopedia from childhood!

Karen BakingInATornado said...

I had no idea any whale could stay underwater that long.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Katie.....That's what I thought

Sandie.....Yep it sure is

Margaret....Thank you

Nancy.......Yes I agree

Kea.......I know, so many amazing creatures out there

Chris......I had some great encyclopedias when I was a child

Karn.....Same here

aapkinews said...

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