Wednesday 30 October 2019


Hello everyone here we are with another pretty tough creature this weeks creature is the vulture we all know that if you see a vulture around a dead creature is near by. This is because the vulture feed on the dead, doesn't matter that the meat is rotting, and contains dangerous bacteria that would make us very ill.

Some species can even sniff it out from quite a distance away. So why don't they get sick well because their stomachs are among the strongest in the world with their stomach juices a 100 times more acidic than ours. The acid is strong enough to digest bones or even metals, if they ate metal.

Vultures even eat animals that died of dangerous infections such as botulism and anthrax in fact by doing so they help remove them from our environment, keeping us safer.

Many vultures have bald heads, is this to allow them to stick their heads into dead animals without getting their feathers dirty and yuck.


  1. I will thank a vulture for his/her patriotic duty next time.

  2. Facts that I didn't know about vultures. Now I know that God created these vultures for a purpose. Such an unique bird!

  3. Hi Jo-Anne - vultures are amazing creatures and thank goodness for them ... we need them all. There are some wonderful varieties of them ... three years ago tomorrow I wrote about the extraordinarly colourful King Vultures ... they live in South America ... good to read up about - cheers Hilary

  4. Nature's trash men. Thankfully not the reason for my bald spot.

  5. They are something! I didn't;t know how they survived the sort of things they eat..that was new to me.

  6. I always thought of vultures as being really gross, but you've allowed me to see them in a bit of a different light...but they're still yucky though. have a great day
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. PTM.......So true

    Rita......Yes indeed

    Nancy.......Yes they are

    Hilary.......Yes I found them interesting

    Chris.......So bloody true

    Katie......Same here

    Joanne.....I thought of them as gross and even though they are interesting the are still gross

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