Monday 7 October 2019

Did you know if not now you do

Good afternoon everyone, it's a public holiday here in my part of the world, so you can guess what Tim is doing, driving a bus aka working.

Here are today's did you know facts.......

Island's come and go all the time, what is considered all the time. Anyway the world's newest island is in the Ha'apai froup which is part of Tonga. It was first spotted on the 6th June 1995, it popped up due to some heavy activity from under water volcanoes.

The word Tonga means “great” in the Native American language of the Sioux

The animators of the film Chicken Run used 2,380 kilos of Plasticine

Walt Disney's autograph bears no resemblance to the Disney logo.

It use to be illegal to sell ET dolls in France because there was a law against sell dolls without human faces.


  1. I have seen plenty of people that look like E.T.

  2. Except for the island, the other facts are new to me. Have a happy new week!

  3. I have never heard of not selling dolls without faces - leave it to France to be different.

  4. Dolls without human faces... I wonder what brought that law on...

  5. Your first comment was the most interesting, the last was the funniest.

  6. No dolls without human faces? I wonder if that included Darth Vader action figures.


  7. PTM......Have you

    Nancy....I am and I hope you are too

    Sandie......I thought that was weird

    Chris.....Same here

    Karen.....Nice to know thank you

    Janie.....I now wonder that too

  8. That last one is so odd--never knew this.

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