Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Animal Bullfrog

Have you heard of the African Bullfrog?

Maybe you have and maybe you're not, anyway I will tell you a bit about it. They can be found in parts of Africa where there's a rainy season and a dry season. Frogs need to stay wet to survive so during the dry season they dig a burrow somewhere damp, curl up and wait for the rain to return.

They can go without food for months like this living off all those mice and lizards they ate earlier.

The male bullfrog plays a big part in guarding the female's eggs and looking after the tadpoles as they grow. Unfortunately, it may also eat some of them as a snack.

They are big, mean, scary looking frog and they don't just look it they are that way. They grow to about 25cm in length and use its wide mouth and sharp teeth to grab and gulp down anything it can get such as fish, insects, lizards. If you try and pick it up it will probably try and bite your hand too.


  1. Sounds like some of politicians, biting the hand that feeds them!

  2. Doesn't sound like a real cutie does he?

  3. I think I saw them in a documentary. Huge, fat, and not afraid of anything. :)

  4. Sounds like my late brother in law! Thanks for reminding me why I do this.

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