Thursday 17 October 2019

Happy Birthday Dad

Good morning everyone, I didn't get around to writing a post yesterday, because it would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. So Mum and 4 of here children and a couple of her grandchildren went to the cemetery were we stayed for about an hour before going to the club for lunch. While out I had a couple of drinks a Southo & Coke and a bit of my sister's Jack & Coke.

My dad was born in1942 the second child of Richard & Enid, from the age of 8 he was mostly raised by his aunt & uncle as well as his dad who was always around. His parents split when he was 8.

Both his parents remarried and he has 3 half siblings as well as 5 full siblings, although part of a big family, they were not a close family.

However, when he married mum that changed, she was closer to her siblings and parents and when mum & dad had a family close-knit became the norm. Dad loved and treated all his children and grandchildren as if each one was special.

Dad was a strong hard working man, who supported his family taking us on a family holiday most years. Dad used to get up and have breakfast with the family every day he was home, this started because one month he had seen us kids only a couple of times., As he was in bed when we got up and at work when we got home from school.

I can tell you Dad would loved to have seen how many people turned up to visit him on his birthday. My sister Sue went before or after work and my nieces Temika & Denni both wrote letters to Poppy.


  1. What nice memories of your beloved father!

  2. Sweet memories of your great dad!

  3. Hugs to all involved.Sounds like a wonderful man who learned how to love and practiced it hard.

  4. Lovely memories of your day, I'm so glad that so many people went to the cemetery to honor him.

  5. Sandie.....Thank you


    Nancy....They are

    Chris.....Yes he was and yes he did

    Karen......It was a really good day

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