Sunday 20 October 2019

The week that was No:42

Up at 7.30am a nice fine day here, Tim is at work today and I will bed doing laundry.

Had a good day till 3pm when Mum rang and Kathy rang at the same time. Kathy got pissy with me because I was talking to mum and I said I would ring Kathy back which I did in less then 5 minutes only to have her snap at me about not having time for her.

I have had a horrible day, texts from Kathy didn't help she unfriended me from Facebook and then deleted her account.

Both Tasha & Jess sent her texts telling her she is in the wrong and treated me badly.

I will see what Tim says when he gets home.

Tasha took Blain to the doctors about his toenail but Dr Arun couldn't do it and Blain will have to go back tomorrow and see Dr Wabbas.

I still feel like shit, Tasha came and made me a sandwich because I was having a moment with my BGL being low.

She is upset that I felt the need to say sorry to Kathy.

Tim was upset when I told him what happened with Kathy.

Last night Tim rang Kathy and because he can record every call I was able to listen to what she said.

She was really upset and crying a lot and admitted she made a mistake. Hearing her made me cry, so I went to sleep crying.

A really nice day, sunny and pretty damn hot.

Sandy rang me about going to the cemetery and afterwards to lunch.

Last night was stinking hot all night and at one time I woke up drenched in sweat.

At 11.15 Tasha drove me over to the cemetery I was there for 5 or 10 minutes before the rest turned up. We stayed there for about an hour before going over to the club for lunch. I had 2 drinks while out.

Been another very warm day but not as bad as yesterday.

Tim is home early today.

I had a blonde moment, couldn't think how to turn the fan in Leo's room off without the remote, that Leo has misplaced. He says it is on his bed, it's not. Tim walked in and turned the light switch

Still sticky this morning, thankfully Tim didn't turn the fan off when he went to bed.

A hot day had to turn the air con on as I was sitting in sweat.

Jess called in to drop off Leo's computer, while here the school rang to say that Leo was in sick bay. So she went and got him at midday.

Tim home at 2pm, he started at 4.30am.

My alarm went off at 3am and I rang Tasha, she was already awake.

I walked up at 7.30 to wake Blain up. He left for school at 8.30am.

Kathy arrived just after I woke Blain, she help apply my make up and get my top on.

She was very helpful and I enjoyed my morning with her. Although she wasn't happy and looked and sounded sad all morning. Although her mood improved as the morning wore on.

I have to put myself to bed as Natasha isn't here. Blain is sleeping here while she is gone.

Up at 6.30am first thing I did was make a pasta bake, I have to do a potato bake but need some one to go and get cream for me.
Tim came to the party with me and had a good time, we stayed 3hrs. When I got home I went to have a nap. I slept till Mum rang but after talking to Mum I started to shake violently and Tim told me to go back to bed.
Well the time has come to post this


  1. One thing I have learned is that if you take that attitude of forgiveness and sorrow for the fight, even if it isn't your fault, God reckons it as humbling yourself before Him and most times it will turn out right.

  2. Even though things went wrong but I am glad that both you and Kathy are back together again. We all have our bad moments or bad days.

  3. I am glad things got better. It is so hard when family have a squabble. I hope you are recovered from that shaking that bothered you. Do you have low blood sugar?

  4. Chris.....I like the sound of that

    Nancy.....That we do

    Katie.....I shake head to foot 24/7 more or less and often have low blood sugar

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