Sunday 6 October 2019

The week that was No: 40

Another week ending or starting whichever way you look at it.

I woke at 7.30 to a ringing phone as I was getting dressed Kathy and the girls arrived, she came to clean the bath for me. However, she didn't clean the sink or toilet.

A quiet day home alone.

Woke up at 6.35 at 7.30 I was falling asleep so laid down till 8.15. I feel so drained that I decided to give aqua a miss.
Tim took the car to work this morning he will be home at 11.30.
I went back to bed at 11.15 for a couple of hours, I felt alright when I got up.

I had a bath and got ready for bed without any problem.
Tuesday a new day, a new month, more life.

I was up at 7am it is coldish and wet a bit this morning.
Saw the Dr, he has referred me back to Tom Wellings, he explained that you can't get a second opinion through Medicare so to see someone would cost a lot.

Sandy came and picked me up from the doctors as Tasha couldn't and neither could Jess.

The rest of the day was spent blogging and watching telly.
Wednesday I was up at 6.30am dressed and ready for the day.
At 9.45am I had to go back to bed for a bit as I was feeling off colour.

However, I felt better after a lay down.

Thursday I was up at 6.30 again, woke Tim at 6.50 so he could go to work.

Jess & Leo came over and Leo asked if he could spend the night, I said he could.

Jess will be here around 8.30am to take me to Charlie in the morning.

I managed to have a bath and get dressed afterwards on my own.

Natasha didn't turn up so I sent her a text at 6.55pm turned out she was sleep. I felt bad for waking her up.

Friday I woke at 5.30am went to the loo and back to bed for an hour. Leo was up at 6.30 as well.

Jess arrived at 8.25am and drove me to Charlie. Since Sandra wasn't there to help mum she went to Woolies with Mum. Jess offered to drive Mum home but Sandra arrived in time to take Mum home.

Sandra had to take Denni to the JHH as she had hurt her arm and it was thought she had broken it again. This will be her third break in a couple of years. Yes it is broken.

Been a bloody hot day reached a high of 34 degrees.

Saturday I woke up at 7am and the house was really dark I didn't think it was 7am so I had to check my phone. Also it has been raining.

Had a phone call from Kathy yesterday afternoon she was upset and crying. She feels like she is in a dead end job with no chance of learning more and going further. All I could do is listen and feel useless. I so hate hearing one of my girls cry.

Jessica dropped her licence and cashcard in the driveway as she was leaving for work. She wanted Tim to drive out and give them to her.
Leo is staying at Kelli's for the day.

Tim wanted pizza so I ordered what I felt like it and made sure Tim knew I had paid for it.

Sunday morning and time to post.


  1. For Denni: Prayers and hopes for a quick recovery.

    For Kathy: Know the feeling. IDK the job situation down their but hope that she can find something more fulfilling.

    "Tuesday: a new day, a new month, more life." And life is a wonderful gift!

  2. Chris........Thank you for the pray for Denni, yes life is a wonderful gift

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