Sunday 13 October 2019

The week that is No: 41

Sunday morning and daylight savings has started so I was shocked when I got up and it was 8.30am after I turned the clocks forward an hour.

Been a nice day at home alone all day doing nothing have no motivation to do anything. I did manage to do a load of washing.
Monday and I thought it was late when I woke up, however, it turned out to be 7.30am so not that late at all.

Mum has rang me three times today she was complaining about Tasha she had wanted Tasha to go and get Dawson from Cardiff train station last night but she wouldn't because Blain was sick.

Mum was also upset by the way Michelle treated Dawson while he was visiting her yesterday.

Another warm day.

Tuesday I was up at 6.30am very dark till 6.45am. Tim had an appointment at the Royal about his nose.

I had a bath and when I went to get dressed the first two pairs of shorts I tried on were to large for me.

Tim has a script he needs filling for two items one is prednisone he h as to go back in 6 weeks time. Said his sinuses need to be flushed out.

I had to go to see the counsellor again, what a waste of time, she doesn't want to see me again as there is nothing she can do for me.
Mum rang me about her car insurance and I went online and got her insurance with NRMA saving her $24 a month she now pays $47 instead of $71 a month. However, I didn't realise that you pay more with the NRMA if you pay monthly.

Tim took the car and had the roof racks he bought fitted to the car, they look good and Tim is happy.

Wednesday I was up at 7am this morning and hour and a bit before Tim got up. A much cooler day today.

Tim went to see how much it would cost to replace his speedo on the motorbike, it will be $200 for a second hand one or $400 for a new one.

I was hoping for a day out to Port Stephens but Tim said no because it was suppose to be cold and wet, however, it has been a lovely day.

Thursday now and I was up early again at 6.30 a coolish start to the day.

I went to refill something and dropped and broke it, I am upset.
Jessica came over with Leo & Katja they are staying with Tim while Jess & I go out for lunch. We went to Warners at the Bay for steak and chips.

Lunch was really nice.

Tim is re-screening a window and of course the screening roller is missing, so Tim went and bought a replacement one.
Leo is staying tonight.

Tim finally cut my hair, yes I am happy with it.

Friday now and last night wasn't a good night, ok it went to pot around 4am when I woke to pee, from then I was unable to settle down again I had to pee again at 6.15.

I decided to get up at 7am, I look outside and it is dark and wet, not raining but it had been.

Jessica will take me shopping while Leo stays home with Papa.

Saw Cathy Haigh and her mum at Charlestown Square for a few minutes.
When Jess and I got home Papa & Leo had gone for a bike ride, so Jess had a lay down on my bed, but on Tim's side whenever one of the girls lay down on our bed they lay on their dad's side.

Papa & Leo arrived home and hour or so after we got home they had gone to Williamtown to watch the fighter jets take off and land. They were luck that just as they arrive there was four jets ready to take off.

When they got home couldn't wait to tell us about his outing.
Blain didn't go to his dad's because Daemon is sick with tonsillitis.

Tasha is still going to hang out with Sam for a couple of house, Tim will keep an eye on Blain.

Woke up at 6am but it was dark and wet so went back to bed for a bit got up at 7.30am, still raining.

I am feeling sick headache with a headache and of course I am shaking from head to foot.

Michael brought the shopping over because Kathy is sick.

This afternoon Tasha came down and ended up going through my clothes. She ended up tossing out a lot of clothes that are too big for me.

She came across a heap of underwear that used to be too small for me but may now fit me.

She did toss out a pink top I really like and I am not sure how I feel about that.

Well I guess it is time to post this


  1. Busy week with ups and downs. I hope everyone who wasn't feeling well are better and you have a really nice weekend. :)

  2. Busy week is right! I had to laugh at myself because when you wrote "speedo" I was thinking the man-thongs and had to look up what you actually meant. Yeah, that makes much more sense!

  3. ^^^ I thought the same I'm thinking "Speedo???"

  4. Rough week! You time changed already - ours hasn't - that is funny.

  5. A week of ups and downs, and that is how life is like. Hope everyone is well by now. Talking about going through my clothes, I think I need to clear out some of the clothes I have not been wearing.

  6. Rita.......Yes it was and they are

    Chris.....Sorry the speedo reference confused you

    Debby......Same to you as Chris

    Sandie......It was, yes

    Nancy........We all need to clean out our clothes from time to time

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