Friday, 31 March 2023



Hello Friday what a cool start too the day, Friday is the day for my thoughts and what are my thoughts this day, I don't know let me think for a bit

Ok let's talk about bread as in what type of bread do you like?

There are many different types of bread now days around a pond a time there was little to no choice. In fact now days there are over 200 different types of bread around the world. Here in Australia there are around a dozen different types mainly bought.

Once here in Australia a type of bread called damper was common place, not so much now days except around Australia Day. Damper is a thick soda bread usually round in shape.

I am boring and like plain white bread or raisin or fruit loaf but really don't like sourdough bread and yes I have tried it. When I was a child my Nan use to get brown bread which I ate but didn't like much.

Google tells me that Egyptians eat the most bread in the world which I did not know.


  1. These days I eat Keto bread if I eat any bread as I count carbs. But I like lots of kinds of breads. Especially homemade fresh out of the oven. :)

  2. We don't eat much bread and like you I prefer the same types.

  3. I just bought some Irish Soda Bread at a place called Sprouts.
    Gosh bread is my downfall.
    I love warm bread - good bread - with butter.

  4. I like whole wheat and so-called Honey Wheat, Never white--- which to me... the way they make it here it tastes ike library paste!

  5. Rita....Bread fresh out of the oven smells awesome and tastes yummy

    Margaret.......Oh yeah I get that

    Sandie.....Ialso like warm bread

    Katie.......We like what we like

  6. We get the whole wheat white for my sugar.


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