Friday, 24 March 2023



Well yesterday I started a post for word of the week but then my sister Sandy turned up and I forgot about it not the end of the world.

So what to talk about or should that read write about today, it is Friday and that means it is my thoughts day but what are my thoughts.

Ok I think this week's topic will be photos most people take photosof family and scenery but what do you do with them after you take them. Do you print them and store them in an album, or do like me hang many of them on your walls. Before we had all the work done to the house my walls were covered in photos but then we had to take them all down for the house to be painted.

Maybe you have an electronic device that displays digital photos, I have thought about getting one but they have to be plugged in and that means adding to our electricity bill, so no I think I will pass on that.

My daughters are so different from me as they have little or no photos on their walls and use to say I had too many.

My Mum had a lot of photos own her walls and scattered around her loungeroom floor. I will admit I was the one who hung many of the photos at my parents house as I thought the walls looked bare.

I will share photos of my walls on Wednesday as ya know that is photo day.


  1. People pictures, doggie pictures, paintings by blog friends, and one big massive painting by an un-famous Robert Blake, we got it all over the walls!

  2. I don't have family pictures on the walls. I have very little wall space with all my bookcases but have artwork from friends and family and few of my own pieces here and there. BUT I do have pictures rotating on my TV any time I am not using it to actually watch a show. Tons of pictures of McFamily and various critters rotate all day long. :)

  3. It's an individual choice what you do with your photos, I've only about 3 on my piano and one photo of my mum in black and white on the wall where no one can see it. Often use the TV to view the photos from my phone or a USB to have a slide show.

  4. I had one of those photo things but after awhile it got boring so I unplugged it, haha.

  5. I had one of those things too, plugged in but gave it up.

  6. Chris.......That sounds bloody nice

    Rita.......Photos on the TV sound like a good idea

    Margaret.....We are all different an the TV thing is cool

    Mama......I get that

    Katie.....I am not surprised


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