Sunday, 29 January 2023

WEEK 4 OF 2023


Another wet day, Tasha bought me 2 new pairs of pants for everyday wear.

Fined up by lunch time and got quite hot.

Jess is getting me ready for bed tonight.

Monday again and I have a doctor appointment Tasha is going to drive me and Tim as he wants to come with me.

Turns out my appointment is next Monday, so that wasted trip.

Got stuck into Leo's room it is a right mess and caused a disagreement between Tim and me.

Also a big fight between me and Tasha. The room is more or less half done.

I spent a lot of last night crying I feel broken due to the fight with Tasha. We made her a cold heartless bitch according to her and by we I feel she means me.

Tim hung a few photos last night to try and make me happy.

Tasha came down after the gym and we talked and we are now ok.

Tim has an appointment with the hand doctor this afternoon and Jess & Tasha have an appointment also, so I will put myself to bed.

At around 4pm Jess came over in tears one of their pet bunnies had died.

A new day has arrived suppose to be a stinking hot day but we will see. I am feeling much better then yesterday morning.

Tasha came down and finished off cleaning Leo's room with only one issue when she wanted to toss his art books and I said NO. Sam also had something to say about it and took the large one home.

Sandy called in to pick up something Tim printed for her. I had a good cry on her shoulder.

Yes it has been bloody hot all day.


We are in for another stinking hot day.

My computer is giving me the shits this morning. I did, however, managed to do the shopping.

Kathy arrived at 11am in a foul mood partly because lunch wasn't till midday. I asked if she could hang some photos in the bedroom, she had her girls clean the photos and hung one photo.

Tim hung 3 photos but that was all that was done.

This house feels like an oven because when the ceiling was replaced the insulation bats where removed and not replaced.

I am very depressed/sad mostly because I have been out of anti-depression meds for a week or two. I need a new script and haven't been to see my doctor. I go on Monday.

Had a bloody hot night been up since 5am I woke and felt hot an couldn't settle. Went to the loo and spent 5 minutes pulling my pants up standing in front of the bedroom air con. Slipped in the bathroom because there was wet towels on the floor and a wet floor.

A really hot day, Tim has been out all morning with a doctors appointment then to see a mate.

He told me when he got home he has another medical appointment on Tuesday and on Wednesday there is someone coming to the house.

I forgot to add yesterday that Tim's Aunty Joan died. Her funeral is on Tuesday, we are unable to attend.

Another hot day I am drenched in sweat again pretty much since getting out of bed.

At 7am I turned the air con on which helps but not as much as when we had insulation in the roof.

Kathy came over at 1.30 to give me a shower. She always says I can say anything but when I told her that her tone sounded a little condescending she got upset and threatened to leave half way through my shower.

When I asked if she could apply moisturiser to my freshly shaved legs she said she didn't see the point. She did do it.


diane b said...

Sounds like you had a tough,hot week. Hope next week is better.

CWMartin said...

I think your family (maybe most families) need a "back" button so you can say something when you're upset and back it back out of memory, since it only lasts a while and all is made up. Lord knows I need one...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Diane..........I have a lot of tough weeks

Chris..........I kinda know what you mean



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