Sunday, 18 September 2022


 Another good night but this computer is pissing me off this morning.

Last night I had Tim cut down two pairs of long pants only to find out that the pair I chose to wear are too big for me, so into the old clothes bag.

Had another good night awake and up at 5.45.

Tasha was having a bitch which woke her dad so he got up in a foul mood. I don't need this stress.

No workmen here today but someone will be back tomorrow.

Tim found a lift chair on Facebook for only $450 and it was only a short drive to the blokes house after looking at it he bought it and will pick it up on Thursday.

While I was waiting in the car I had a bad panic attack. I became so scared I started screaming for Tim. I don't know what caused it. Afterwards I rang Sandy to talk about it as I can't ring Mum.

An early start to the day up and dressed by 6am, had a wash but I still stink in my opinion.

Had a workman turn up and do some stuff to the bathroom. While he was here Tim was on the phone to a mate who said it is costing him $16,000 to renovate his bathroom.

Tim has gone to see his counsellor. It is a cold afternoon.

Looks like the tiler will be here tomorrow now.

What a night had to get up to pee 4 times how annoying but at least I settle down again quickly.

The tilers arrived at 7.45am.

Went to the doctors he said that the panic attacks are connected to my condition. Also he bulked billed me. Rang Sandy to tell her what the Dr said.

Tim goes back to work tomorrow for 5hrs a day for 5 days per week.

At 2.30pm Dave arrived to help Tim pick up my new lift chair.

Had a good night up to pee only twice. The workmen turned up at .7.20am.

The internet is dropping out a lot this morning.

I did managed to do food shopping which was something but other sites wouldn't load.

Tim back at work this afternoon, I hope all goes well.

I slept for a solid 12 hours last night so woke really needing to pee.

Tilers here doing more work in the bathroom, which didn't take long.

Did an online shop at Kmart getting it delivered.

Getting myself ready for bed as I didn't want to get changed at 2pm when Jess would do it.

At 4pm I was attempting to go to the loo when I found myself frozen with piss running down my leg. I managed to clean up the mess and only cried a little

Made the mistake of ringing Tasha for help getting dressed, she went on about her dad not helping.

Kathy not coming today she will be here tomorrow.

Tim is happy to be back at work which makes me happy. He went out to cash in some bottles but that is all he has done all day .


  1. wow, 12 hours without a pee? I would have needed a bedpan!

  2. Glad you are sleeping better. Sorry to hereabout the panic attack. Glad your girls are close by to help you. Mine live in Victoria now. So we have to help ourselves with a bit of Blue Care help.


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