Wednesday 28 September 2022



Symptoms of Dystonic Tremor

The symptoms of dystonic tremor can differ from patient to patient. Sometimes sensory tricks can temporarily cause tremor to disappear, such as, if the patient has head tremor, then placing the head against a headrest or a light touch to the chin can resolve the dystonic tremor of the head. Dystonic tremor can also affect the patient’s quality of life and cause tiredness in the patient and feels of isolation in social gatherings. Anxiety or stress worsens all types of dystonia also symptoms of dystonic tremor. In some patients, a small quantity of alcohol can temporarily relieve the symptoms of dystonic tremor; however, patient can experience a rebound worsening of the dystonic tremor the next day.


  1. I’m sorry that you have this.

  2. Not to be funny, but... this sounds a lot like our car...

  3. Doesn't sound like they have any solutions or ways to treat it?

  4. Chris........That sucks

    Rita........Makes things tough


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