Sunday 25 September 2022

WEEK 38 OF 2022

 Had a good night, I woke Tim to help me this morning, he said he went to bed at 1.30am, I thought ok but I still need help.

Kathy came and showered my at Jess's place.

Tim at last cleaned up out the back where I used to sit during the day as it was a right mess and I haven't been able to sit out there since June due to the damage from the tree coming down.

Had a good night up at 5.40am and had Tim help me dress, as I had to unpack the dishwasher before she came down as she would only go off that her didn't do it.

Tim up at 7.50am which is early for him.

Workmen turn up to work on the bathroom including the painter, at 2.30pm the plumber turned up to install toilet, sink and shower. It will be ready for use tomorrow.

Used the new toilet this morning there was water in front of the bowl so I placed a towel in front of it.

The guy in charge of the bathroom reno came and picked up all the rubbish and said someone should be here tomorrow to do the curtain rods.

Late this arvo the people came to remove the porta loo and shower.

Received part of my Kmart order a big box for two small packets of colouring pencils. Talk about a waste.

Another day to struggle through and it is suppose to rain today.

Sandy rang at 10ish to say she was coming to take me to the cemetery as Mum & Dad's headstone as it now has two extra photos on it. One of Mum and one of Mum & Dad on their wedding day.

Tim sent me a message saying he was 3hrs early for work, he read the shift info wrong. He didn't bother to come home though.

The bathroom guy came and installed the shower curtain.

Woke to the sound of rain at 4.30am, got up and went to the loo then to the kitchen to check the roof it was leaking so placed bowl to catch the water and turned the full dishwasher on.

A public holiday to mourn the Queen, also my 38th wedding anniversary.

We had planned to go out for lunch but it was raining too much so cancelled. Had KFC instead.

Last day of term 3 for schools and still wet.

I am in a lot of pain in my knees and back. I let out a scream when I had a shot of pain in my knee. Tim came running out and was angry only because he was worried.

Jess came and got me changed for bed, I rang Tasha to come help me into bed and she was in a foul mood made me think I should have asked Leo.

Had a good night and I am in less pain this morning.

Tim picked up the shower chair from Sandy's, so Kathy can give me a shower.

Kathy arrived at 1.30 and showered me and it was good.


  1. You’re the 2nd person who had KFC in the last 2 hours - strange. Maybe I’m supposed to get some.

  2. Sounds like the bathroom is coming together, but why wouldn't they do the darn roof first?


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