Monday, 26 September 2022



Another Monday means more facts, so here you are................

In 1943 American bakers were ordered to stop selling sliced bread for the duration of World War 11, only whole loaves were allowed. The reason for this was never explained, how it helped the war effort no one knows.

Karl Benz invented the car in 1885.

In the Stone Age people who didn't feel well someone would cut a hole in the persons body with a sharp stone to allow the pain to escape.....Really how does anyone know that.

The ancient Romans had shows called Pantomimes hundreds of years ago, a man would read out a story while silent actors played the

parts behind him.

A Flemish artist is responsible for the worlds smallest paintings in history, including a picture of a miller and his mill painted on a grain of corn.


Margaret D said...

Clever person the artist.
Amazing how they thought pain might escape, the pain from the wound might have been more than the other pain.
Interesting about the bread in the wartime.

CWMartin said...

So I found this: "According to The New York Times, officials explained that "the ready-sliced loaf must have a heavier wrapping than an unsliced one if it is not to dry out." " Also something about 'counteracting a price increase in flour', Though I'm not sure how that one worked.

Also, I have read that they have found ancient skulls with holes drilled in them. This was assumed to be some kind of 'cure' for headaches, maybe that explains what you found. But, and it is a big one, I'm not gonna test it out.

Debby said...

I knew that about the bread because my mom told me. Hmmm, maybe because it took more labor to slice the bread? Beats me.

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