Tuesday 6 September 2022


Another Monday is here so here are more facts. It is impossible to drown and not die, technically the term “drowning” refers to the process of taking water into the lungs, not to death caused by that process. A square mile in the Amazon jungle can contain up to 3,000 different species of trees In his final year Emperor Napoleon was exiled to the tiny island of St Helena in Atlantic. The wallpaper in his room was dyed with Scheele's Green a colouring pigment that contained copper arsenite. When the wallpaper became damp the mould converted the copper arsenite to a poisonous vapour form of arsenic. So his death was down to his wallpaper. The number “007” originated in the 16th century, Bond author Ian Fleming base his character on Dr John Dee, the first British secrete agent, who lived from 1527 to 1608 and was an adviser to Queen Elizabeth 1. Dee used the 007 code for his letters to the Queen. The two zeros meant “ for your eyes only”. Mosquitoes prefer to bite chilrden over adults and blondes over brunettes


  1. Ah so that is it - Mosquitoes prefer blondes (and redheads) both my son and I are blonde (I used to be - now I'm white-haired) Fortunately we don't have that many Mosquitoes here in my yards but when we go out by the river, there are many.

  2. This also explains why mosquitoes seem to love me. LOL. I was/am blonde, though going grey at this stage of life!

    I didn't know any of these, btw, except for Napoleon's exile to St. Helena. But that wallpaper fact...wow! I'm glad science has advanced enough that we know better now!

  3. I'm glad you persevered, especially the Napoleon and John Dee stories...

  4. Debby.........There are too many mozzies for my liking

    Kea..........I like to inform people

    Chris........Thanks but the post looks terrible not how I would like


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