Saturday 24 July 2021


 Woke at 5.20 got ukp and peed then I went back to bed for an hour, I was just getting up when I heard Tasha in the kitchen. I had forgotten she would be here. She is bombing her house today, as in setting off bombs to kill the cockroaches.

Tim bought a couple of secondhand bedside drawers they are really nice. Sine he was moving out the old and bringing in the new his side of the bed has been cleaned up and he was shocked at what a mess it was.

Kathy coming this afternoon to shower me and put me to bed.


Slept in till 6.45, had to get myself dressed and make my own breakfast. This takes twice as long as when Tasha helps.

Had to get Tasha to come and put my socks on, when she did she told me that she would have come down earlier if I had asked. But since she came yesterday I thought she would want this morning off.

Tim said he was going to work on the trailer ended up sitting and watching Ghost Asylum episodes.

Tasha came and did the medications and was just about done with mine when she knocked the container spill them all and had to redo them.


Awake and up at 5.30, by 6.30 I was washed and dressed and had breakfast ready for the day.

Another cold day, cold enough for Tim to take the car to work and me not want to go outside.

Jeannie's birthday she is 53, wishes sent via Facebook


Slept ok till 12.30 when I woke and then I woke every hour till I got up at 5.33am.

A cold day, cold enough to require a singlet.

I have no motivation today to do anything, the type of day when putting one's feet up and watching telly would be nice. I of course find that next to impossible to do.


Slept well till 4am after that I couldn't settle I was restless but managed to start in bed till 5.10am when I got up.

Another bloody cold day.

Blain is off school sick, sore throat, headache and a burning pain in the chest. He had a Covid test, should have the results tomorrow. Most likely he had heartburn and also has tonsillitis. We will see.


Just before I woke up I had a dream where I was on the phone to Mum and I could hear her clearly. This left me feeling happy and sad.

My feet are so cold I had to get a second pair of socks on my feet.

Warmed up a tad during the day.

Tim had to take the car to work as the bike has a flat battery.


Had a good night but was up at 5am, I woke needing to pee and since it is a week day I stayed up. I set Tasha a text to let her know I was up but she didn't reply so I rang her at 5.30 and woke her up. This made me feel bad as I do not like to wake her. I was washed and dressed by the time she arrived.

Had a goodish day managed to print 5 letters and get them into envelopes ready to be posted on Monday.



  1. Sometimes when I'm typing a thought pops into my head and all of a sudden I'm writing a word that's related to the thought.


  2. Are you guys in lockdown again? I heard half of your country is... Our plant in Missouri had 19 people out for COVID yesterday, I told my boss I didn't think they had that many workers left (They can't keep anybody at that plant for various reasons)...

  3. I have always found that the colder weather makes the "ordinary" days a bit harder.

    Still a good week though, glad it's not your last, last week post. ;)

  4. How is Blain now?

    I have had this sort of dreams for several years after my parents passed away. I could see and talk to them and it was as though they were there.

    Time for a pair of fluffy bedroom slippers if your feet are cold enough for two pair of socks.

  5. Janie.......I get that

    Chris.......Yes we are

    Juli.....Yes it does

    Katie....He is good, so not just me, found some couldn't get them on feet

  6. The weather here is very warm and humid. Feeling sweaty and sticky. Today, I completed my vaccination.

  7. What an easy-going straight-forward life. I enjoyed your diary.

  8. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Loved that bloody cold day being thrown in there; clear Aussie language!
    Yes, dreaming about our loved ones that are no longer with us on earth is almost like real. So are our fond memories and they remain close to us, their souls never die!
    I've found it kind of strange, happily strange, that a blog post about Mom has been almost forever on my side line on the blog; like a message saying I'm here!
    One can truly feel they are near.

  9. PS how come that your blog on my side line is at the very bottom and does NOT update when you publish a new post?
    Sometimes I've gotten a message (when adding a new blog) that this will not update/refresh as it is not a Feedburner link.
    Don't know yours, otherwise I could try that.

  10. Do you know your Feedburner link?
    Like mine is:
    Your blog's name is hyphenated jo-anne and I wonder if that is causing this problem?


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