Saturday, 3 July 2021

My last week


Slept in till 6.40am, managed to get my own breaky but with some difficulty.

At 8.10 I saw a message from Kathy saying she won't be here till the afternoon.

Tim gave me a number 6 hair cut so it is nice and short again. This was done just before my shower.


Had a decent nights sleep awake at 6am as usual.

Last night I received an invite to Kayla's 18th and said I will go, it isn't till the 6th August.

A nice warm day here

Jess has been out all day doing forklift training so she can get her forklift ticket/licence. It is a weekend course.


Awake and up at 5.30am a cold start to the day.

Tim left at 1.30 for work had a sprinkling of rain but that's all.

Kathy and the girls came over to drop off some marshmallows, while she was here I had a moment of anxiety and she replied that I can do it I just think I can't and her tone upset me.


Awake and up around 5.30, a coldish start to the day.

Around lunch time Tasha came down with a stand assist frame that is attached to my computer chair. It works well, however, I may need to move the laptop as with the frame I am unable to pull the chair close into the table.

The frame was an unopened gift from a friend of hers. I made a point of telling both Tash & Tim hoe much they cost.


Awake and up at 5.50am washed and dressed for the day. A cold and foggy start to the day.

No rain today and it has warmed up.

I like the stand assist if only I could reach the computer.

Still swapping over photos but have been asked why I am doing it, well everybody has aged so updated photos are needed.


Awake and up early at 5am I had attempted to roll over and leaked a drop of pee, so decided to get up.

Tasha came down straight away and showered me.

Been either bloody cold according to Tasha or cool according to me.

Leo here tonight because it is Thursday.


Another early start up at 5.30 again.

Just after I got up I heard someone in thee kitchen, turned out to be Leo. He had to throw up and as I was in the bathroom he went out the back and threw up out.

Tim taking car into Kloster's (a large car dealership) so the auto electrician can do whatever they need to do.

Tim is off today, he is at last getting around to putting up the shelve in the lounge-room

By afternoon Leo started to feel better.



Janie Junebug said...

I'm impressed that Tim cut your hair and it turned out well.


Nancy Chan said...

I too usually wakes up around 5am or 6am. If I wake up later than that, I will end up feeling unwell the whole day. Good to know that Leo felt better.

CWMartin said...

Crappy way for Leo to wake up! What's wrong with the car?

Katie Isabella said...

Poor Leo. Is he better? Goodness, my hair is long, I think I would have a hard time adjusting to so short a cut, but...I can well understand why it is a better hair length for you.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Janie.........He has beeen cutting my hair for 30yrs

Nancy........I am a morning person

Chris..........Yes he is betteer now, the reversing buzzer was stuck on

Katie.......I have always liked short hair

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