Saturday, 10 July 2021

My boring life last week


Woke at 5am got up went to the toilet then back to bed but found I was awake so after 20mins I got up.

I was getting my breakfast stuff ready when Tasha walked in, this was a surprise as Saturday mornings are her morning off. She had brought down a load of washing. While here she took over and prepared my breaky.

Noticed that Tim had put up the shelves he wanted, they look good.

I got Kathy to put up some picture hooks so I can hand more photos.

Up at 5.20 again, messaged Tasha but for some reason my phone didn't send the message till 6.09, she came straight down to find me already dressed and starting breakfast.

Tim altered Tasha's bras last night but she said it is a half-assed job and isn't happy.

Had Leo, Daemon and Freya come down for breakfast, they spent some time here playing. At one point Daemon wanted a paperclip so he could try and pick the lock on Leo's door.

A new day, awake and up at 5.50am rang Tasha, now ready for the day.

Leo came down around 9am and when Daemon came down an hour later he found Leo asleep. So he had breakfast while he waited for Leo to wake up.

Kelli arrived around midday to get Daemon.


Up at 5.20am sent text to Tasha she came down straight away.

I had a doctors appointment as did Tasha, I need a referral to see neurologist in Sydney and a couple of scripts.

Tim home for 3hrs as he has a split shift.


Awake and up at 5.30am Tasha came straight down and got me ready for the day.

Been a pretty good day not as cold as I thought it would be.

I checked my recorded shows for something to watch and everything is for Tim. He records stuff but is slow to watch what he has recorded.


Woke at 5.55 the latest I have slept in for ages, well it feels that way.

Tasha had a rant about the mess in the kitchen and on the table I use daily.

It has been a nice day.


Awake at 5.27 straight up dressed and breakfast had I am now ready for the day. It is raining here but of course I will be going no bloody where.

Been raining all day on and off.

Kathy-Lee rang this morning to let me know she will not be here tomorrow as she isn't well.

Leo wants to learn Russian.



Nancy Chan said...

These days I too wake up most mornings around 5am. Sometimes, I can go back to sleep, but not every time. Today is a nice cool day because it rained the whole afternoon. Won't need to use the air-con to sleep tonight. Take care and stay safe.

CWMartin said...

Boring weeks can be nice....

menopausal mama said...

What promoted Leo to want to learn Russian? I'ts nice that he wants to learn another language!

Debby said...

Rain sounds so good to me now.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nancy............I use to be able to go back to sleep easy, not now

Chris.........They can

Mama.........No idea but think it's great

Debby.......Rain can be good


  Saturday and on my own as in no help with breakfast but I have decided to wait till Tim gets up to get dress, so I can have some help. ...