Saturday 17 July 2021

Life at Jo's


Woke at 5.30 got up peed had my wash and dressed myself, it took me a good or bad 5 minutes to get my long pants on. I also did my own breakfast which also took ages.

Jessica borrowed the heater out of the bathroom yesterday and is yet to return it, so I had to use loungeroom heater.

Been a cool wet day, some may say cold, not me.


Woke at 5.22, thought I would have a sleep in but my bladder thought differently, so up I got.

Tasha came and gave me a shower, I was out and drying off in the warm bathroom. I like to sit naked in the warmth to for a few minutes to fully dry off. Towel drying only goes so far.

However, within seconds Tim wanted me out of the bathroom, so instead of taking my time I had to rush and Tasha had to dress me while I was still damp.


Had a reasonable nights sleep till 4.30am when I woke needing to pee as I knew that getting up would result in me leaking I decided I would wait an hour. It was 6am when I had enough of feeling restless and got up I must have dozed off for that amount of time to have passed.

First day of term 3, Leo is back at school but Blain goes back tomorrow.

Been a nice day not that cold in my opinion.


Managed to sleep pretty good last night, up at 6am washed and ready for the day.

Saw Kelli and Jono before they went home.

Sandra came over to pick up forms Tim printed for her. She asked if I could laminate the death certificates for her and of course I will.


A new day awake and up, I was having a wash and heard someone in the kitchen, it was Tash she saw the bathroom light on and came down.

A bloody cold day, when I went with Leo to meet his driver it started to rain so Leo made me come home. Because it was raining Tasha went up to wait with him.

This afternoon it was bloody cold

but dry when I went to meet Leo.


Awake at 5.30 up at 5.40 thought I would get up and ready before Tim got up as I take a good 15 minutes to have a wash and get ready. Tim started at 7.50am.

Took Leo up to meet his driver and it stated to rain so Leo made me come back, he will not have me waiting in the rain.

Had rain on & off all day but it was fine for me to meet Leo this afternoon. He is here tonight.

Just when I think I have caught up with my mail more arrives.

Jessica's new licence arrived it is red or magenta as Tim would say. This is her HR licence this stands for heavy rigid so she can drive buses and trucks without a trailer.


Had a decent enough night, I woke at 5.30 and would have liked to have just lay there for a while but my body started shaking so I got up.

Been a cold windy afternoon, raining on and off all day but I was still able to go with Leo up the top of driveway.

Printed up 8 letters using Tim's printer had only 2 left to answer but then Tasha arrived with 9 more letters. Pen pals keep me busy.



  1. I also usually wake up around 5am whether I sleep early or late. I think it is my biological alarm clock not allowing me to sleep later than that. For the past 2 days and today, the weather is very warm. Looking forward to some rain.

  2. I can't image getting to stay at 5:00-ish. I get up to pee around that time but go right back to bed.

  3. Its nice to hear that Leo cares so much for you.

  4. Nancy............Yeah we all have a biological alarm and it is annoying when it fails when we are expecting it to work

    M o W..........I like getting up early

    Diane.......Thanks, he does

  5. I have always enjoyed reading about Leo and Blane. I remember their little boy pictures you put in the blog years ago.


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