Saturday, 12 June 2021

Life here

 A new day that saw me roll out of bed (literally)at 5.30am. I washed and made breakfast and sent Kathy a text about my shower. Since she will be here tomorrow for Jess birthday lunch I suggested she shower me then.

Sandra took me to the cemetery to see Mum & Dad, she took Mum's wheelchair but we couldn't open it. It is now here and still we can't get it to open.

Up at 6.30 checked the casserole it was good although some of the thickly cut carrot wasn't cooked so put it on for a bit longer.

Everyone I expected turned up which was good, however, Kathy had a problem because I had invited Kelli. She said she felt out of place.

Kelli & Jess are more like sisters then cousins. So inviting her was for me the natural thing to do.

It was a good day but by the end I feel exhausted.

Monday again I woke at 5.27 and 10 mins later I was up and having a wash.

Sandra & Ed's wedding anniversary

Leo's early day, home at 2pm.

Trying out the Cpap mask without the extra cotton wool padding, as they told me at the hospital that with the new setting I shouldn't need it.

Awake and up just before 6am, rang Tasha to make sure she was showering me before I got dressed. I am now showered and dressed for the day.

Jess drove Leo to school after they took Laylah(bunny) to the vet as there is a problem with her eye. The vet said they will have to sedate her and that may cause more problems. Leo is worried.

Jessica heard from the vet around 1ish and Laylah is fine.

Heard from the specialist in Sydney and I have an appointment on the 2nd August at 12.20pm.

Slept through till alarm went off, a bloody cold morning even for me.

A bloody cold day

38yrs ago today Tim & I met, our first date saw us going to Pizza Hut then to a local club “Fannys” he didn't kiss me that night and I was worried he didn't like me.

Had a rough night, at around 6ish last night I needed to pee and getting out of bed was very hard. I in fact fell out of bed and it took me 5 minutes to get off the floor.

This morning I had to get Tim to help me get out of bed.

Another bloody cold day.

Been raining lightly all day, so I wasn't able to go with Leo this morning, nor meet him this afternoon.

Had a good night sleep, it is another bloody cold day. Tim up just after me, he started work at 7.50am.

Sandra came over to get copies of Mum & Dad's death certificates so she could send them off to the credit card company.

Had a 2hr nap as I am not feeling great.

A late day as Jess didn't get home till 5pm.


CWMartin said...

On this side of the world, I've been getting up early to take Misty out (and change turn signal bulbs) because it is so hot. Watch those falls out of bed- you don't bounce. My problem is whether my achilles will hold me up when I get up- sometimes I charge across the room...

Nancy Chan said...

There are mornings when I am up real early but some mornings I am just too lazy to want to get out of bed. But the thought of morning walk will get me out of bed, get ready to go.

Rita said...

Sounds like a rough week. I hope the specialist can help. :)

Debby said...

Sounds like winter is approaching for you guys. Stay warm!

Katie Isabella said...

Gosh, before I know it, it will be winter again here.

I am about to trey to get a new mattress and I haven idea what to look for.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chris........Arthhritis is a pain in my knees

Nancy......I am a morning person

Rita......It was

Debby.........Yeah winter is here

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Katie......Finding a good mattress can be tricky

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