Sunday, 2 June 2019

The week that wasl No:22

Just posted the last week that was, so now to start the next one. Sunday was s pretty quiet day because Tim was home I didn't spend the day watching my shows.

Monday now, Leo has just arrived, it is a cold start to the day I am all stuffed up in the head.

Tim took the car to work as he has to pick up his new work uniform.

I went to aqua and found the cold water made my knees sting with pain. I told Tasha I will not be going on cold days in future.

At around 3pm the temperature dropped 10 degrees from 19 to 9 degrees Celsius. I was in bed having a nap but felt it when I got up.

Tuesday morning I had to turn the heater on when I got up but I only needed it on for an hour.

Didn't go to aqua on Wednesday as it was freezing cold and I also had an appointment with the podiatrist to have my nails cut.

Thursday I had to go to the doctors for scripts and a flu shot, didn't cost me anything to get the flu shot.

Leo received a new Optimus Prime toy today he used his pocket money to buy it off Ebay and he loves it.

Friday morning was still bloody cold, Tasha turned the heater in the car to 30°c which I thought was too high. My mum & Dawson didn't go to Charlestown as both of them felt under the weather.

Saturday morning I was woken up by Summer at 9.50am and I was shocked that I slept so late. After getting up and dressed Kathy-Lee & Summer drove me over to the cemetery to see dad, I took some artificial flowers because I feel artificial look nice for longer than fresh.

Saturday Jessica and I went to see the lady who gave Jessica the cookie dough, we were there for 90 minutes. Leo came with us, she was a nice lady.

Mum was telling me that she has had an emotional day thinking about dad and crying.

Tim enjoyed the couple of hours he spent home alone he doesn't get to spend much time alone.


Margaret D said...

Oh your mum - grieving does take a long time as you never forget a loved one.
It's nice to be alone sometimes, rare in this house.

Unknown said...

Nice schedule of weekdays. Best of luck.
Sandy recent posted
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CWMartin said...

Hugs to Mum... I have an inkling of how she feels..

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Margaret........So true, I am home alone a lot now days


Chris........I expect you do

Rita said...

A busy week! It will take your mom a while, that's for sure. Huge life change and sadness.

sattakingplaybazaar said...

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Good morning world, going to be a long ass day for me as I have my appointment with the specialist in Sydney today. Well it is facts day so ...