Tuesday 4 June 2019

Gross Facts No:16

Good morning world it is morning here, a cold and wet morning at that. Anyway it's Tuesday so it is gross facts day........

The gelling agent in most jellies is gelatin and is sourced from animals.

You can buy cow tongue ice cream in Tokyo.

Carmine is a red food colouring that comes from boiled cochineal beetle.

An edible snail is called an escargot.

Snails have been eaten since Roman times.


  1. You can buy cow tongue ice cream in Tokyo. GROSS!

  2. The one about the tongue isn't the best - wouldn't eat that ice cream.

  3. That sounds like the worst ice cram ever!!! Awk!!

  4. My folks used to love pickled cows tongue. Ice cream might have been a step beyond even for them, but who knows?

  5. No thank you to cow tongue ice cream.


  6. I've seen escargot, but never heard of cow tongue ice cream and hope to never hear of it again!

  7. Sandie......Gross indeed

    Margaret.....Who would


    Chris......Cow tongue in any form is gross

    Janie......Same here

    Karen.....Me too

  8. Some gross facts indeed! You made me smile though... so glad I came across your blog. Hello from down south NSW.

  9. Mum.......I am glad I made you smile, feel free to come back

  10. ain't NEVER going to have ice cream there!!!

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