Monday 3 June 2019

Did you know No::23

Good morning everyone it is another somewhat cold day here in Newie. As it is Monday it is did you know day, so here is this weeks facts.

Statistics from food research groups show that children eat an of average of 28kg (62 pounds)of pasta each year.

The American Constitution is in the National Archives Building in Washington, D C. During the day pages one & four are displayed in a bullet-proof case. The case contains helium to preserve the paper's quality. At night the pages are lowered into a vault, behind five-ton doors that are designed to withstand a nuclear explosion.

When the Montgolfier brother's balloon landed after its first flight on 5th June 1783, it was hacked to bits by the villagers of Lyons, France who thought it was a monster from outer space.

Ancient Egyptians died before they turned 30

Ancient Egyptians sleep on pillows made of stone.


  1. It is Monday where you are? It is still Sunday where I am. Can you tell me of the future?

    Wait, I don't want to know.

    So where did Egyptian cotton come into play?

  2. I live in America and i did not know that - loved it.

  3. Chopped to bits! OMG! I never hear about them. I have always been afraid of mob mentality.

  4. If I used a rock for a pillow I’m not sure I’d want to live until old age either:)

  5. PTM......If only I could see the future

    Sandie.....I am pleased

    Rita.....Glad you liked the post

    Rick.......Me too

    Chris.....So true

  6. I don't understand one of the replies, but, no one asked me to. :-)


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