Sunday 23 June 2019

The Week That Was No:25

Another week over or about to start depending on how you think, it is a nice day not hot by any means but also not cold at all. Tim is at work and I am having a nice day doing a lot of nothing. What is a lot of nothing you wonder, it is sorting out medication, vacuuming out, sorting out a couple of boxes of paperwork, shredding stuff and making food and eating it while watching TV.

I watched the first part of the Chernobyl documentary and found it quite interesting.

Monday was spent doing nothing much, it was raining on and off all day, so I was glad Tim took the car to work. I asked Tasha if she would come get the clothes off the clothes hoist

Tuesday was much warmer, I opened both sliding doors to allow the breeze through the house. Today I did 2 loads of washing and had to get the washing off the hoist before I could hang it out, Tasha didn't get around to doing it.

Wednesday morning Both Leo and myself had doctors appointments, nothing wrong with Leo just needed a ongoing referral for Dr Murry.

I asked about a few things such a new medication for my depression and my back pain as well as my curling toes and fat lip. I have to have a ct scan of my back.
Tim also had a Dr appointment to get the results of his colonoscopy.

Friday was another bloody cold day, Jessica sent me a text letting me know that she is unable to meet me at the square. So Natasha is going to stay with me.

Saturday morning when Kathy arrived I was dressed except for my socks, so I asked her if she could put them on for me.

Well she carried on so much that Summer went to get Tasha. Tasha could hear Kathy going off so when she walked in she snapped at Kathy telling her to get over it, it's only feet and that when she was a baby I did everything for her, this pissed Kathy off.

Kathy thought Natasha had a hide saying that. Kathy went on and on about Natasha while she drove me to the Xray place. I felt like crying all this over my socks.

Kathy said she doesn't ever want to see or speak to Natasha again. 
This is distressing for me.

When I was having blood taken I was shaking so much that one lady had to try and hold the hand still while the other lady drew blood.
So all in all my Saturday sucked.


  1. All I can say is ... take care and all the best. I'd meant to watch Chernobyl here but forgot or did something else ... I was in South Africa when it happened. Hope this week is better ... Hilary

  2. These days I don't often turn the TV on, finding other things to do it seems.

  3. Kathy has an immaturity problem. I would be ashamed to treat my mother or sister like that.

  4. I haven't seen Chernobyl yet I need to watch that.

  5. Oh, such a fuss. I'm sure Kathy will get over it, don't you think? I've helped many people put on socks or stockings. It's not a big deal. Even on the day you said you did a whole lot of nothing, you did more than I accomplish in a day.


  6. I forgot to mention Chernobyl. I watched a docudrama that was on HBO. It was five parts. Each episode was more bleak than the one before it. Super depressing. I don't know if it's similar to what you're watching.

    Love again,

  7. Hilary.....That often happens to me, I plan on watching something but then I don't

    Margaret....I often like a quiet house

    Chris...I would touch my mum's feet because that is how I am

    Rick.....It is interesting

    Janie....I hope so and might be the same show on Chernobyl

  8. One never knows what will happen with family. That is a thing that is sometimes difficult to deal with.

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