Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Internet problems/bloody Telstra

What does one do when one has no internet, watch tv and write letters to pen pals that is what. I have been without internet since Thursday night, Tim signed us up for the NBN for those who have no idea what that is it's the National Broadband Network, it is suppose to be faster and better internet but so far no internet it was suppose to be working by Friday morning. However, Friday saw many hundreds of thousands of Telstra customers without the internet and it still isn't working well as I write this it isn't working and I am writing this on Sunday evening while I am waiting for the news to start and mum to ring me.

Tim rang Telstra again today he was on hold for 2hrs before someone answered then the guy checked this and that and ended up saying it should be working tomorrow (Monday) so we will see.

My walls are looking pretty bare at the moment because I have taken down all the photos, as Natasha wants to clean the walls and rearrange the photos, she said wants to arrange them in a better order. Leo took one look at the walls when they got here for lunch and said he didn't like the look of them and had to reassured that the photos would go back up while Nanna & Papa are away.

Just talking to Kathy-Lee about stuff and she mentioned that Summer has a habit of opening her mothers eyes of a morning saying wakey wakey time to wake up, this took me back to when I was a girl and my baby sister Sandy would come into my bed she usually came in and got into bed with me during the night or first thing of a morning, anyway she would open my eyes and say Jo are you in there, and of course I would wake up although at times I would pretend to still be asleep and she would do it again and kiss me on my nose.

Anyway back to my walls, they are looking pretty bare and I am a little worried as Natasha thinks I have too many photos and she said she that she would be only be putting up the important ones back up. I told Kathy-Lee that if I am not happy with what she does I will be adding more photos as it is my house and I like to have photos on the wall, even Tim said that the hallway looks bare and not right without the photos on the walls.

Ok it is now after 4pm on Monday afternoon and Tim has rang Telstra again twice, the first time after being on the phone to them for 45 minutes they hung up on him and didn't bother to ring him back so we are on the phone to then again and yet again they are checking things that is all they seem to do check things and say it will be up and running the following day. Tim is so bloody pissed off with them and have to say so am I, I spend most of the day every day online doing this and that and no internet for 4 days has been frustrating. Although Kathy-Lee has been without internet for 10 days now.

So it is now Tuesday morning and when I got up this morning we had the internet back, I did a happy dance and spent the morning catching up on things but it will be tomorrow before I get around to reading any blogs as I had a few other things to do today that is taking me away from the computer.  


Cperz said...

I hate when the Internet is down. Makes me crazy. I don't blame Tim at all for being angry.

As for the pictures...I totally agree with you that it is your house and you should have the pictures up that you want up.

Rita said...

We really realize how much we are used to having internet when we lose it. Scary as I do shopping and pay bills and all of that online these days! Glad it's back! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It was being hung up on that really pissed him off as it would anyone, sometimes I feel if they can't figure out what is wrong they hang up on you and let someone else figure it out

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes I pay all bills online via Bpay and I love to check out Wish and buy things.

CWMartin said...

Wow, your IP provider sounds a lot like Frontier FIOS here in Indiana. Which is why we have Comcast.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

If Tim and I could go with another company we would but that isn't possible as the only company that would take us on was Telstra due to how often the internet would drop out other companies will say oh yeah it would be ok then they contact us a few days later and say no they can't help us

Margaret D said...

We down here in Tasmania are having trouble with the internet with some people being without it for days - like you.
We hopefully will be connected to the NBN Friday - we wait and see, but that won't be any different. Telstra have a big problem with their phone service and the internet, but pleased I'm with them as the others are more hopeless.


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