Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday's Ramblings

Welcome to Wednesday's news what is happening in Jo-Anne's world at the moment, well at this moment I am waiting for Centrelink to pick up Natasha has to report her earnings and this she usually does online but this morning she was unable to so she asked me if I would try and if necessary ring Centrelink. Well I tried to do it online but it came up as failed so I am now waiting to speak to someone who knows how long that will take.

Also this morning I was getting dressed and went to get one of the two black polo shirts I have that I like to wear with the pants I have on and I cannot find either of them, now when I did the washing on Monday I remember when I was getting the clothes off the line that there was two places that looked like something had been removed but since I was in and out I couldn't remember if I had removed the shirts already anyway thought nothing of it but today those two black shirts are missing. Who would enter my back yard and take two black polo shirts the are not new shirts or that nice they are just black cheap polo shirts, I had much nicer shirts on the line with them.

This morning I had to ask Tim if he would drive Leo to school while I went with mum to visit nanna at the nursing home and of course I had to go to Coles to get some more cold meat for Tim's lunch.

In other news Blain came home yesterday afternoon from the trip to Queensland for my niece Kirsty's wedding, and he has been unable to walk very well since as he was sitting on his foot during the trip home, thus the reason his foot is not sitting flat on the ground and because it hurts he will not put it flat on the ground because of the pain.

Then yesterday afternoon, Leo and Blain were getting along pretty good so good in fact that Leo asked if he could stay the night I asked Blain if he wanted Leo to stay and he said yes so ended up letting Leo spend the night here. I hope Leo doesn't ask to spend the night again this afternoon as I will be saying no and this time if he cries like he did yesterday when I tried to say no he cried and sobbed which is why I gave in.

Being May you would think the weather would be cooler but not so much I am wearing long pants but have to say I am somewhat warm in them and they are light weight pants but still over all the days a pretty warm, mum mum was wearing track pants this morning I don't know how she can wear such warm pants I often get hot in track pants unless it is really cold and then still might end up feeling warm.

I just went in to get Blain to go get Leo and he wanted to know why we had to leave so early so I said I would wait a bit longer to go but not too much longer as I don't want to have no where to park.

I don't have much to share today so that will end today's ramblings 


CWMartin said...

Odd that just those two shirts would disappear. Do you have Goth problems down there?

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I know strange indeed and not much of a moth problem no more then anywhere else I suspect

Cperz said...

That is very odd about the shirts.

That is nice that the boys were having fun being together.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah some people worry about leaving clothes on the line over night but this was during the day, I am wondering if they will turn up or what but not sweating over it.

It was nice the boys having so much fun together and not fighting

Cherdo said...

Just enough to know that your life is like mine! The perfect post to connect people. ;-)


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Thanks my life is pretty run of the mill but so many people have similar lives


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