Sunday 15 May 2016

Sunday 15th May 2016

Do you know the difference between a saucepan and a frypan, I asked because yesterday I asked my daughter to get the large saucepan out of the cupboard and was asked what does a saucepan look like I had a frypan in my hand and said it doesn't look like this.

Yesterday morning I went and took the jeans Natasha bought me for Mother's Day back and I was unable to get jeans that fit me so instead I got a nice pair of black pants with a nice light-weight long sleeve top. I am pleased with what I managed to get.

I was hoping when I got home Natasha would have had lunch cooking but no, I ended up having to cook lunch.

After lunch I went out to Jessica's place to clean her house for her, I was there over 3 hours and still didn't get it all done, I did most of what she wanted including sorting out al the clothes on her bedroom floor a mixture of clean and dirty clothes she said all the clean stuff was in the clothes baskets but that wasn't the case I found both clean and dirty clothes on the bedroom floor.

I was exhausted by the time I got home, so I didn't bother pegging out the load of washing in my machine that Tim had put on to wash, I hung it out this morning I also had to put the dishwasher on to wash when I got home yesterday afternoon.

Tasha is annoyed with her dad as she has been asking him to replace the fly screen on her window since Leo pulled it off three weeks ago and he still hasn't done it, and yesterday he decided he want to replace the zippers in his saddle bags on his motor bike so he did that and still hasn't done the window.

Natasha and I just had a tiff because I put Blain's blue towel in with Natasha's sheets which are white, she said if we put the white sheets in with the blue towel in the dryer her sheets will go black which is a load of rubbish. So she is in a right mood at the moment throwing things around and slamming doors and such but I don't care I am right and that is that she things so often that her stuff is more important then mine and that she is always right and her way is the only way.

Isn't it funny how the same temperature can feel different at different times of the year, like yesterday it was 26°c and it was quiet warm, in the summer months that would be a hot temperature and today it is suppose to be 26°c as well but today is much cooler then yesterday. So not just different seasons but different days can have the same temperature and feel different.

In other news, Leo had a up and down week last week at school, one day he came home and said he had a great day then on Thursday he lost it with another student who he felt was picking on him and he crapped a pair of school scissors you know the type they are rounded and only good enough to cut paper and even then at times they still suck and he jabbed at the kid with them and that got him sent home from school and we where worried he would be suspended again but no he came home on Friday afternoon saying he had a great day at school. 


  1. Hope you jumped on Leo for that. That is a scary thing to start doing. Sometimes kids don't grasp the consequences of their actions.

    1. Yes we all had a good talk to Leo about how you never, use a weapon against another person, does he get it who knows.

  2. You open your home to your daughter and SHE rules the roost? SHE or HER KID should fix the screen, NOT YOU, NOT TIM. And you're cleaning the house for another daughter? What was SHE doing all this time? And why can't she pick up her clothes? Hmmmm..... I'm glad I'm thiiiiiiiiis far away. Stand up on your hind legs and show those girls just who calls the shots.

    1. What was Jessica doing while I cleaned her house she was at my house doing bugga all, if Jessica knew how to fix the screen I would tell her to do it but she will only say she doesn't know what to do.

  3. I agree with CW Martin. That is a bit scary that Leo tried to jab someone. While those type of scissors won't really hurt someone, lashing out with any type of weapon is quite scary. He needs to be reminded of that.

    I don't envy you having to clean up after anyone. I personally wouldn't do it. My own home is tidy and I expect my children and assorted relatives to also keep their homes neat and clean. They seem to do a nice job of it and they know that I wouldn't do it unless they were ill or hurt.

    1. We all thought it was dangerous and tried to get Leo to understand why it was wrong.

      I hate cleaning but not as much as Jessica does at least she vacuums her house now for many years she would say she didn't like the sound of the vacuum so wouldn't use it.

  4. These grandsons of yours need urgent counciling.
    As they say at NASA when something goes wrong:
    "Houston we have a problem".
    For God's sake fix the problem before you get a visit from the Police.

    It is strange that you share these problems with the "World", we can advise, but the rest is up to you.


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