Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Clean House & Doing Stupid Things

Hello everyone, another nice day in my part of the world, not too hot nor too cold just as I said nice. What do I have planned for today, nothing much, I have gone for my early morning walk and it was nice out walking today. I am also of course going to see my nanna, and we are taking Temika & Liarna as they want to go and see great-nanna.

I have a small pile of letters to answer, so I want to get a start on them, although my printer is low on ink and Tim is slow to give me money for ink and of course I have not been able to find a cheap genetic brand of ink for my printer, the old printer I could get ink for only $7 this one it costs $26. So at the moment I can only print in blue or red, I also can't add photos to my letters as they don't come out that well.

The house looks pretty clean most days now, this is due to having Natasha and Blain here, she is a neat freak and likes to clean. Although yesterday we did a couple of loads of washing and she would not let peg the clothes out on the line, why, because I don't peg them out right, meaning I don't peg them out how she likes. I am not allowed to vacuum either because I don't do it right. So how do I feel about that, well if she wants to do these things that is ok with me.

In other news a family member had a car accident in the early hours of yesterday, they collided with a park car and I don't think they were wearing a seat belt as their head hit the windscreen and also they were drunk as a skunk, what a strange saying as I don't think skunks drink grog but you know what I mean, well I hope you know what I mean.

Because they were so drunk logic was being drowned by the grog and after the accident they thought it would be a good idea to first try and remove the licence plates and when that was too hard to do they thought screw it I will just walk/stumble to where I want to go, so when the cops turned up they thought it might be a good idea to try and hide from them cops, why because they were so damn drunk.

Thankfully the person who had the accident wasn't seriously hurt, and after being in hospital for most of the day, including a stint in ICU they were allowed to leave, I won't say go home because that wasn't going to happen as they were under arrest and was taken from the hospital to the cop shop. That is all I know at this stage, we all know that drink driving is stupid but many young people may know it is stupid when they are so drunk common sense and logic get drowned by the grog.

This person is not the first member of the family to attempt to drive while drunk and I doubt they will be the last family member to attempt to drive while drunk, many people will go on about how they don't drink and drive, I included I don't drink and drive but I know some young people do, yes it is wrong and dangerous but for many it is just one of them many stupid things they will do.

There are very few people who can say they didn't do really stupid things when they were young, I have done stupid things myself way back when I was younger.


CWMartin said...

Once upon a time I used to drink and drive. But after about 6 months of getting off the stuff a while back, I was praying one day about another drunk driving crash, and telling God, "Why is it I drunk drove all those times and never hit anything, and this woman takes out a whole family?" God's reply was, "Because I could still teach YOU before you got to that level." I was so glad that there was someone inside me that still had the potential to listen. Never drove impaired again.

Margaret D said...

Is your daughter a Virgo by any chance Jo-Anne?
Happy New Year.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I think most people mature and realise drink driving is really stupid, it helps if said person has faith in God to lead them off the stupid path

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Kathy-Lee is a Virgo but Natasha is an Aquarius


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