Monday, 14 December 2015

Monday's Post on Why I Sucked at Posting Last Week

Hello everyone, me and blogging didn't go well together for the most part of last week, I was busy doing one thing or another most of the week and every time I sat at the computer to write a post it didn't happen because other things got in the way.

So here we are on a Monday afternoon and it's been close to a week since I wrote anything.

Saturday was “My Blain”'s 10th birthday damn those 10 years have gone fast he spent most of the day with his dad and came back her around 5.30pm and spent the night and all day Sunday here with his mum. He did appear to like his presents which of course makes us adults happy, although he is like his mum in that he doesn't show a lot of excitement over presents. Sunday his mum cooked one of his favourite meals for lunch and I had bought a cake for him.

This morning I had to drive my dad to an appointment after I took Leo to school, only 2 more days of school for the year then the children are off till the end of January. I am one of those strange people who like school holidays, I have no problem with having the children home for 6 weeks although I know some who find school holidays a nightmare and can't wait till it starts again.

Although I know some who feel they need to find ways to entertain their children when they are not at school, I don't, no one had to entertain me when I was a child I was able to find plenty to do on my own and I think most children can do so. I rarely sent my girls to vacation care, which is run by different groups with activities for children over the school holidays. I did send the one year for a couple of days but over all nope couldn't afford it and they managed just find, they found things to do at home that didn't involve me.

Now I have no problem with parents who like to play games with their children but it wasn't me, I am just not like that my parents didn't feel the need to play games with their children we turned out ok.

There is only 1 more birthday for the year and that is Jonathon's (Blain's dad) his is on the 23rd then there are more birthdays come January. Yes I buy Jono a birthday present not over the top but something have done for as long as I have know him pretty much and since Blain is now 10 you can take a stab at how long I have known him, but if you like I can tell you I think it is 12 years I am pretty sure he was only 16 when I met him.

I will try and do better at posting stuff this week but with Christmas so damn close I have other stuff I need to do like finish sorting out the presents, but first I need to buy a few more large gift bags got plenty of smaller ones but ran out of large bags. Yes I am a gift bag person, this is because I suck at wrapping presents, gift bags just makes it all so much easier and the clean up is easy as well.


Margaret D said...

I was wondering if you was alright seeing there wasnt a post from you.
My youngest daughter in law loves school holidays with her little ones home.
She doesnt necessarily entertain her 3, they entertain themselves at their place..

CWMartin said...

Shoot, I wondered how you managed to blog BEFORE the holidays hit!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So nice to hear others like the holidays and also allow their children to entertain themselves

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I manage because as mum/nan I have to

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