Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Trip Day 5

Hi All,

Tues 4.1.08

Well what a difference a day makes, hot yesterday, Monday, 47 & 48 deg C. Today it was overcast, windy & would you believe, it was cold most of the day.

We left Nullarbor Roadhouse at 0900, stopped for a couple of photo shots and scenery, really not much to look at until WA border. At Border Village we were going to fuel up, but diesel was $1.89.9 so we decided to go to the next stop, Eucla 12 km away. It was cheaper there at $1.68.4.

At Border Village you have to go through a quarantine check station, no fruit, vegies, plants or honey aloud in WA. After fuelling up at Eucla, which is on top of a hill, you come to the start
of the Eucla Pass. The view from the top is spectacular, looking down into the pass you can see the flat landscape for as far the eye can see, ahead to the west, and south on your left. To the north, on the right, there is a mountain range about a kilometre away. This range runs parallel to the Hgy for about 170 km, for 43 km it looks the same height and one mountain, no brakes, peaks or gulley's, I found it unusual, but after a couple of minute it all become dreary and boring for the next couple of hours.

At Cocklebiddy there is a turn off that goes to the coast, 36 km. of dirt road. Out there is the Eyes Bird Observatory in the old Telegraph Station. I was going to go out there, but decided I did not want to travel on another dirt road. Besides, I have seen old telegraph stations before, there all the same, just another old house.As far as birds go, I can sit in my kitchen and watch Maggie and the Asian fighting. That's NOT Mrs Kelly, its Magpie and Asian Miner birds.

Time to refuel again, stopped at Caiguna, the diesel here was $1.90.9, it hurt, but I had to get it. Thieving mongrels. Caiguna is to start of the longest straight road in Australia at 146.6 km.
but it is not level,ups and downs all the way We travelled 43 km along it and found a good large free camp spot for the night. You would not believe it but I started the genny and the air-conditioner started running, as mum forgot to turn it off when I disconnected the power at Nullarbor Roadhouse Cv/pk. The genny is now running the A/C good now.
We think the hot weather must have been the problem, the A/C techo who repaired it at Nyngan told me that most A/C were not designed to operate in the kind of temperatures we have been experiencing.

Wed 2.1.08

We left the free camp site at 0745, nothing of interest for the next couple hours.Stopped at Balladonia Roadhouse for a brake. It was in this area on 12 Jul 1979 when the American unmanned Skylab Space Craft crashed, a part of it is on display at the roadhouse. Also this is the area of The Nullarbor Nymph. In 1971 a couple of roo shooters, night spotting, reported seeing a beautiful young blond woman, naked, frolicking with the roos. A number of overnight tour coach drivers reported seeing the same. Reports have been received up to 2007, last year. Tall story??

I told mum, that on the way back we might travel a night through this area. After some further thought, if in 1971 she was say 18, then in 2008 she would be 55 now. So I don't think I will bother. Anyhow with my luck she wound be an old drag queen.

Came to the end of the Eyre Hgy at Norsman at 1200. Fuelled up at $1.59.9 p/l, back to a reasonable price. Also topped up our water tanks.

Arrived at Esperance at 1500, The place is packed. Not only with holiday makers, but due to the bush fires in the Kalgoorlie area, all roads to there are closed. Travellers to and from Perth would normally go that way. So now they have to travel via Esperance. All the caravan parks are full, so we were directed to an overflow area, which is the show ground. It's OK here,
we have power, water and toilets. There is about 18 other MHs and vans here.

We thought it was free, but the council ranger came and collected $22.00 off us all.

Dad / Den

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