Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Me in 2008

2008 is going to be the best year I have had I a long time, why you may ask well it is simple.

I am not going to dwell on things or go to bed depressed or in a bad mood or sad. I will of only good things at bed time this way I hope to sleep better and feel good the next morning.

I have said for a long time that “Life is too short to be miserable” this is something I will remind myself of every day. I have a truly great family who love me and support me so why should I be unhappy.

Even Tim can be a great husband most of the time that is why we are still together, yes he has his faults but mostly his good outweigh the bad.

I will be making more of an effort to show Kathy how important she is to me and not come across as if I am showing her sisters favouritism. No matter how difficult a child she has been she is my precious number one daughter and because of that she will always hold a special place in my heart, even if I am not as close to her as I am to her sisters.

Kathy has a special and close relationship with her dad that I have and I have often felt jealous of that.

This is my year to shine now I just have to figure out how to shine….Any suggestions?


  1. hi Jo-Anne..what a positive start to the new year.

    It is hard when kids feel mum or dad favour one over the other..like you said ..it isn't really like that..just the way personalities go..I hope you and Kathy can get closer.

    You do shine already Jo- Anne..you are a super -dooper mother and wife and person!!

  2. Thank you lil harry for saying that I'm a super-dooper person.

    I will say it takes one to know one.......



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