Sunday, 6 January 2008

Trip Day 3

Hi All,

We left beautiful Tumby Bay this morning after some more sight seeing at about 0930.We had a good night, as the weather had cooled down a lot.

The weather today started off mild but as the day grew it rose to about 40+ deg, bloody HOT.
We came to a town named Orroroo and they boasted having the largest gum tree.So we made a detour along a dirt track and found it. It was big alright, a Giant Red Gum, with a circumference of 10.89 metres, 500 + years old.

We arrived at Port Lincoln at lunch time. Port Lincoln is on a very large bay and is a big town, with a lot of holiday makers. The attraction is the foreshore, very well laid out and maintained. We did the sight seeing bit before heading off again.

We Stopped at Elliston and explored the rugged coast line around the town, very high cliffs with a sheer drop to the ocean, that was the only attraction there, but worth the time to see.

Next stop was at Streaky Bay, nice little town with a lot of holidayers. Mum and I have been here before so we did not bother doing any sight seeing. We just bought some fish and chips for tea and backtracked 5 ks to a free camp site we passed on the way in. It's called Ayre's Water Hole, named after the explorer Edward John Ayre who found it in 1840.

The highway we have bean travelling the last couple of days is the Flinders Hgy, not much to see when driving, just unattractive landscape.It follows the coast but separated by large sand hills. Not until you get to a town do you see the sea, and then often you have to detour off the highway a couple of ks.

The heat is terrible, we will be in Ceduna tomorrow, Monday, and they forecast the temp. there as 43dg. It is said to be the hottest December for a number of years.I think we picked the wrong time to travel this area. I think the heat is getting to Mum, she is always tired when we stop of an afternoon, she has been asleep since we had tea.
Dad / Den

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