Saturday 26 January 2008

Need a new DVD Recorder/VCR

I need a new DVD Recorder/VCR as ours is stuffed the memory mode came on and now we can't play DVD"s or videos we can still record on the DVD part but the timer doesn't work any more. Also we can't watch free to air through it as we can't change the channels. I was really upset about it at first but then Tim pointed out that we have had it over 5 years and he thinks it has lasted pretty good and it isn't worth the cost to get it fixed so we are going to buy a new one.

Target had them advertised for only $289 but when I rang around to get one the hadn't got any in so I couldn't get it although I did ask about a rain check they wouldn't give me one as it says in the catalogue no rain checks but I felt since they hadn't got any in I should have been given one. I did find a store that would give me one so I now have a rain check I just hope it isn't to long before they get some in.


  1. HI Jo-anne..don't you hate how things only last around 5-7 yrs if you are lucky..and then not worth fixing..

    Lucky you found someone nice to give you a raincheck..its like when you are inthe store early first day of sale and they have only one or two of something advertised.

    You don't realise how much you use something until is broken.

  2. That`s the trouble with electrical stuff these days (not made to last)....

  3. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Don't you just miss the DVD/VCR when you had one and then you haven't got it!
    It's a throw away world I do believe these days.
    Hope you don't have to wait too long for the raincheck.
    Take care,

  4. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Dropped in to say hi and hope you get your DVD recorder in a hurry. Kind regards, Elizabeth


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