Friday 4 January 2008

My Parents Trip by my dad

Hi all,
We left home about 0900 on Wed 26 Dec. and got to Nyngan at 1700 (5pm) about 500 odd ks.
A good run, no problems, until we settled in at the caravan park and turned on the air condition.
It was running at first but not getting cold.The vent on the outside of the MH, that houses the
A/C compressor was that hot I could not touch it. After a while the compressor stopped working.
The next morning I contacted an A/C tech.who replaced a burnt-out condenser.Cost $100.00,
reasonable I thought.

We continued our trip at 0845, Stopping at Cobar to look around and have lunch. We also purchased
a 10 lt fuel container to supply fuel to run my new generator when we free camp this afternoon.
We had a good run to Wilcannia and found a good free camp spot 26 ks north of there.
Settled in, fuelled up the new generator, turned on the A/C, tripped the overload on the genny.
The generator ran the A/C, the fridge and the microwave when I tested it before we left home.
The tech who repaired the A/C this morning said he replaced the condenser with a larger one
then the original one, because he did not have the same size that came out of it.
We think this may be the reason why the A/C will not run off the genny now.

We can still run the fan only on the A/C, plus we have another fan. We now have the 2 fans running.
Tomorrow we will be in Broken Hill before lunch, After some sightseeing I might try and find another
A/C techo and see what he has to say about it.
All up things are good.
Dad, Denis.

More to come tomorrow......

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