Sunday, 5 February 2023

WEEK 5 OF 2023

What a hot night was last night I turned the air con back on at 3am as I was so hot.

I was up and washed ready for the day at 5.30am. Found the kitchen a mess as per usual.

Tim got up at 7am which was a little annoying,

Saw Sandy she needed a hug.


A cooler morning but going to be another stinking hot day. I am frustrated with being drenched in sweat.

Men turned up to do the guttering at 7am only to find out the gutter hadn't been delivered.

Raining when I went to the doctors so I wore shoes.

When I got home from the doctors the men were here doing the guttering.

Also found the driveway blocked by tree removal people this pissed Tasha right off.

Saw Sandy again just for a hug as it has been an emotional day.

A much cooler day I have a nice breeze blowing through the doors.

Blain and Summer go back to school today.

Ok Blain didn't go to school as he wasn't sure which of the time tables he was to use. Tasha tried ringing the school but no answer so got pissed and gave up.

Tim had a visit from a private investigator from the insurance company, (Youi). To get Tim's side of what happened.

Awoke at 4.47 needing to pee so decided to stay up. Another nice cool start for the day.

Sam and Sydney-May goes back to school today.

Looks like Sam has a new driver this year.

I am unable to get the scooter out.

The men came and started work on the new front sliding door and new cement ramp. They had a bastard of a time getting the old frame out.

Thursday has arrived and all is well with me, the morning is cool but suppose to be 30 degrees today.

The front door is done, the ramp should be done today, the men turned up around 7.15 and have been here all day doing a lot of digging.

Tim had his ultrasound done on his wrist.

Another warm day top of 30 degrees.

Workmen arrived at 7.15 at 8.05am Graham (a boss guy) arrived to check out the work, he was none to happy. Looked for a bit like they rip out and redo part of it but all good I think.

Tim went for anther ultrasound as well as an Xray.

The ramp is done pretty much a couple of little things left to do as well as fixing a small ramp on the inside

Up at 5.30 had to wake Tim up at 6.30 as he drove Tasha to her training course so she doesn't have to pay for parking.

Going to be another stinking hot day.

Kathy and Summer came over Kathy did some housework and showered me. Summer walked down and posted my letters and then divided my fruit.

It has been bloody hot but not enough for Tim to want the air con on.


Rita said...

So glad they are getting your ramp done! :)

CWMartin said...

I miss stinking hot...


  Well yesterday I started a post for word of the week but then my sister Sandy turned up and I forgot about it not the end of the world. ...